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Jill Barth


May 27, 2020

Millions of people love to drink rosé and share the experience on social media. Take advantage of the excitement with fresh rosé images and a bonus marketing calendar.

lifestyle rose
lifestyle rose
lifestyle rose
lifestyle rose
lifestyle rose
lifestyle rose
lifestyle rose
lifestyle rose
#Rosé, at current count, has over 4.5M posts on Instagram. Even the misspelled version with the incorrect accent, rosè, has nearly 500K posts! (Sorry, but Outshinery is founded by a French person!)

Add in all the iterations: #roséallday, #roseallday, #drinkpink….and find an endless stream of images elevating rosé. The real celebration comes to a peak in June, with two honorariums in 2020: National Rosé Day on June 13 (U.S.) and International Rosé Day on June 26.


Are your rosé Bottle Shots ready to go?

The month of June is a heaven of opportunity. 

Engage customers and sell more of your rosé vintage with fresh Bottle Shots, Rosé Days Lifestyle Images + a free 2020 marketing calendar. 

The wine world is ever-so-slowly ramping up shared summer experiences. Rosé-colored glasses are back in, as positive thinking rules! Make your winery’s mark on the upcoming days with this super fun rosé planner.

Rosé Days Marketing Calendar

It’s go-time for Rosé. Get everyone talking about your wine this summer.


Rosé Days Lifestyle Image collection

Get yours now.

Did you know that any bottle can be featured in any Lifestyle Image? This collection highlights some rosé-styled images, but your bottles can become the star of any of the Lifestyle Images available.

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Summer Ready
rose exemple

“At the Winery”

New Lifestyle Image collection

A versatile collection depicting a visit to the winery and tasting room.

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