Visuals: the key to winery brand strategy

Visuals: the key to winery brand strategy

Laurie Millotte & Outshinery: Revolutionizing winery marketing with captivating imagery

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  • Scout Driscoll, VINTed
  • Laurie Millotte, Outshinery

In this VINTed Podcast episode, Laurie and Scout discuss the often-overlooked marketing aspect of brand strategy for wineries. Contrary to common misconceptions, Laurie Millotte emphasizes that marketing goes beyond relying solely on influencers, discounts, and aggressive ad exposure. With abundant wine available, wineries' success hinges on packaging, marketing, and brand representation.

Laurie and the Outshinery team prioritize image. They simplify bottle photography, offering tailored and affordable solutions to wineries. Empowering marketing strategies and driving growth. Discover captivating visuals that elevate your winery!

Key points:
  • Outshinery provides pixel-perfect bottle shots and lifestyle images for wineries, solving the problem of obtaining quality visual content.
  • The company uses CGI technology to create realistic and customized bottle shots, eliminating the need for photo shoots and sample shipments.
  • Outshinery has helped over 600 wineries and 2,000 wine brands improve their marketing and increase sales.
  • Outshinery Studio is a digital photo studio allowing wineries to create and customize their visual assets easily.
  • High-quality visual content is crucial for representing your brand and engaging consumers in the competitive wine industry.

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