Winery success unleashed: diversify and expand beyond your website

Winery success unleashed: diversify and expand beyond your website

Unlock new sales channels, boost customer engagement, and multiply your impact with expert strategies.

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  • Holly Schick, WineDirect
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  • Ben Salisbury, Salisbury Creative

To enhance sales and expand their customer base, wineries should go beyond relying solely on their website. This video will explore how diversifying efforts can allow wineries to tap into new channels, touchpoints, and marketplaces, facilitating customer connections and sales. 

Options include using e-commerce platforms like LibDib, building direct relationships with retailers and restaurants, and leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Targeting specific audiences and engaging in conversations is crucial.

Wineries can also partner with marketplaces like WineDirect and use automation to personalize their marketing and sales strategies. Prioritizing channels that align with their target market and business goals is essential.

Key points:
  • Expand beyond your website to boost winery sales and customer base.
  • Venture into e-commerce platforms like LibDib for broader market reach.
  • Build direct relationships with retailers and restaurants for increased exposure and sales.
  • Leverage social media platforms effectively, such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Target specific audience segments for better marketing results.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with your audience for customer loyalty.
  • Collaborate with marketplaces like WineDirect to expand your influence.
  • Utilize automation tools for personalized marketing and sales.
  • Prioritize channels aligned with your winery's goals for diversification success.

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