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3D photorealistic render vs. digital cameras

With Outshinery, there’s no such thing as “crappy bottle shots,” inconsistency, or overused lifestyle imagery. Get visuals that are always sharp, easily readable, and irresistibly captivating!

That's incredible. You guys are amazing. Just wanted to round back and say that.

Tank Garage Winery
Ed Feuchuk
Tank Garage
front and back rosé bottle

This is really fantastic. Amazing quality! I really love it... and I don't say this every day!

Saini vineyards logo
George Christie
Saini Vineyards
Australian Shiraz featured next to a blueberry pie by Outshinery

That's incredible. You guys are amazing. Just wanted to round back and say that.

Tank Garage Winery
Ed Feuchuk
Tank Garage
front and back rosé bottle

This is really fantastic. Amazing quality! I really love it... and I don't say this every day!

Saini vineyards logo
George Christie
Saini Vineyards
Australian Shiraz featured next to a blueberry pie by Outshinery

These look very good. I don't know how I'm just hearing about you now, but this is a game-changer. Thank you.

Kiona Vineyards
JJ Williams
Kiona Vineyards
front and back wine bottle photos with wax finishing

These guys are magicians! Highly recommended. They make our wine bottles come alive and have helped us make our website and social media look far more professional.

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Jeffrey Maltzman
Continental Divide Winery
picture of a sauvignon blanc wine bottle on a wooden fence during the autumn

Hands down the best products, team and service there is. Seriously, I can't imagine going back to life without Outshinery.

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Darcy Dellera
Farm Collective

We’re not here to 💩 on product photographers.

Every brand uses photographers. That’s how it has always been done. Get the label printed and the liquid bottled, ship physical samples to the photo studio, wait… wait some more, and finally get photos that can be very much hit or miss.

‍But the quality photography struggle is real.

Photographers are better equipped for one-off photoshoots, but may not be as adept at capturing consistent product shots with significant time gaps, creating industry-specific lifestyle images, and collaborating on large-scale marketing campaigns.

So our goal isn’t to convince you that Outshinery = good and your current product photographer = bad. We’re just going to share when you might want to use one versus the other.

poor quality spirit liquor bottle photo
beautiful 3D render of a spirit liquor bottle by Outshinery

Outshinery vs. traditional photography

Product photographers
Turnaround time
On-site capabilities
Creative control
Specialized in alcohol and beverage product imagery with in-depth industry knowledge and expertise.
Transparent pricing with affordable packages tailored to the specific needs and reality of alcohol businesses.
Quick delivery (can start within 3 days), to guarantee timely product launches.
Streamlined and efficient process with clear communication and collaboration.
Currently unable to capture your tasting room and vineyards in photographs (but we are working on it!).
Professional, high-resolution images that capture the essence of alcohol products consistently.
Full creative control with expert guidance and collaboration from specialized professionals.
May possess the expertise for challenging glass photography but lack specialized knowledge and understanding of industry requirements.
Costs can vary significantly, and there are additional expenses like shipping physical samples.
Photographer's availability will affect delivery time. Requires physical samples to proceed.
May lack a structured process, leading to miscommunication and delays.
Capable to physically go to your tasting room and vineyards to conduct on-site photoshoots.
Quality will vary through time, leading to inconsistent results that won’t do your product justice.
Limited creative control due to photo studio constraints, potential limits in alcohol product photoshoot know-how.
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3D wireframe of a 3D bottle by Outshinery3D clay bottle rendering by Outshinery3D clay wireframe wine label created by Outshinerycutout wine bottle created in 3D by Outshineryblack wine capsule photo created by Outshinerygold label finish on a wine labelwine label rendering on transparent done by Outshinery
Order stunning product photography, virtually

The results are fantastic. Every little detail we specify is captured - bottle shapes, wine colour, light sources, reflections, punt style, fill line. Then the mastery of the label and closure applications with every nuance incorporated - stock, texture, lighting, embossing/debossing, foils, varnishes - to create the most fabulous photo-realistic images that far surpass what we spent years photographing at great expense, then laboriously retouching.

Mark Anthony Group
Alison Sloga
Creative Director, Mark Anthony Group

Outshinery has all the alcohol industry expertise you need for fast results, without shipping hassles, and flexible imagery services.

Even skilled photographers may struggle to capture challenging glass objects.

Get better product content — without the struggle

Truly, in terms of saving time, money, and effort, using Outshinery is a no-brainer. Bonus point: the Outshinery team is incredibly responsive and nice to work with!

King Family Vineyards
James King
Owner and Winemaker, King Family Vineyards

Say goodbye to haphazard product photography and entrust your visuals to be consistently high-quality, each and every time.

Capturing identical results in photography, when weeks, months, or even years have passed, is nearly impossible.

Benefit from a streamlined process for speedy images

I literally told the Outshinery team that wineries are crazy if they don't send every single bottle shot to Outshinery. Truly... process is easy and the bottle shots are exactly the same EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. No variation from vintage to vintage, no angle variation, etc. These shots look great side by side, year after year. I can't imagine why anyone would use traditional photography for bottle shots ever again.

Willamette Valley Wineries-Association
Courtney Cunningham
Creative Director, Willamette Valley Wineries Association

No more waiting for the bottling truck! With Outshinery, you can get your photos within 2 business days, before your product is bottled.

The delivery of your final pictures from a photographer greatly relies on their availability and the time needed to receive the samples.

Easily budget with transparent pricing and no hidden fees

Hands down the best products, team and service there is. Seriously, I can't imagine going back to life without Outshinery.

Napa Farm Collective logo
Darcy Dellera
Farm Collective

Enjoy peace of mind and volume discount looking at your needs today and months from now.

Get rid of the uncertainty and expense of one-off photoshoots! Fees fluctuate based on location and the photographer.

Bring your vision to life like never before

Thank you and your staff for your excellent work. I come from a fine arts photography background, so as a result, I am not easy to please when it comes to images, you guys are REALLY good.

Lemelson Vineyards logo
Leslie Kossoff
Lemelson Vineyards

Have fun building full-scale creative marketing campaigns that convert!

Ditch the uncertainty and expense of one-off photoshoots! Fees vary by location and photographer.

You've less than 2 seconds to grab consumer's attention...

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What makes Outshinery different from other photography services?

Outshinery sets itself apart by offering innovative digital techniques that surpass traditional photography. Through leveraging cutting-edge technology, we have the capability to create stunning, photorealistic product images without the need for physical samples. This unique approach eliminates logistical challenges, reduces costs, and accelerates content delivery, distinguishing us from conventional photography services. Our expertise lies in capturing the essence of wine, beer, and spirits.

With Outshinery, your alcoholic beverage brand can gain a competitive edge by showcasing high-quality imagery that authentically represents your brand and captivates your audience.

What information do I need to provide for my Outshinery image requests?

To create stunning and realistic product images, Outshinery requires some key details from you. Simply complete our concise questionnaire, which asks for specific information about your product(s). You can upload your product's label files in AI or PDF format. Providing clear and high-resolution label files ensures the exceptional quality of the final results.

If you have any specific features, effects, or styles that you'd like us to capture, please indicate them in the questionnaire. The best part is, you don't need to send us any physical samples; we bring your vision to life digitally. Once you've submitted your order and the necessary information, our team will get to work creating your high-quality and photorealistic images. Sit back, relax, and leave the rest to us!

How long does it take to receive my 3D product renderings from Outshinery?

Upon receipt of your order and all pertinent details, the Outshinery team will commence creating your photorealistic renders. Typically, this endeavor takes approximately 3-5 business days from the moment we have all the required information. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and accuracy, and thus our team diligently works to promptly deliver your images without compromising their exceptional quality.

Please note that larger orders or intricate projects may necessitate slightly longer turnaround times; however, rest assured that we will keep you well-informed throughout the entire process.

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Get ready for a simple process. Start by visiting our pricing page, where you'll find a variety of plans to choose from. Select the one that suits your needs best. Once you've placed your order, just provide us with the necessary product information. Answer a short questionnaire and upload your label files – no physical samples needed! We'll use these details to bring your vision to life digitally.

But wait, there's more! You can try our services for free. Yes, a free trial to experience our quality and efficiency firsthand. Witness how our digital imagery can enhance your brand appeal, without any risk. So why wait? Step into the future of product photography with Outshinery today!

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