Elevate your brand: innovations in packaging design for wineries

Elevate your brand: innovations in packaging design for wineries

Discover sustainability, collaboration, and storytelling in transformative alcohol brand packaging

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  • Rob VanRenterghem, Signal 7 Wines
  • Laurie Millotte, Outshinery
  • Andrew Means, Transom Design

On the Spot is a panel discussion exploring alternative packaging solutions for the wine industry. The panelists discuss the need for exploring packaging materials other than glass, as glass bottles have a significant carbon footprint. They highlight the benefits of alternative packaging, such as bag-in-box and cans, including lower shipping costs and more creative design possibilities. 

The panelists also discuss the challenges and obstacles faced in implementing alternative packaging solutions and the importance of customer engagement and sustainability in the wine industry.

Key points:
  • Emerging packaging trends: Explore the latest trends and innovations in packaging design for wineries and alcohol brands.
  • Environmental sustainability: Learn about the increasing importance of eco-friendly packaging and sustainable design practices.
  • Collaboration and storytelling: Discover the value of collaboration between brands and the art of storytelling in packaging design.
  • Augmented reality and digital printing: Explore the use of augmented reality and digital printing technologies to create interactive and dynamic packaging.
  • Favorite designs: The panelists share their favorite packaging designs, emphasizing the significance of tactile experiences and visual storytelling.
  • Selecting design studios: Get expert advice on selecting design studios, considering factors like industry experience, location, and shared values.
  • Design for brand differentiation: Understand how packaging design plays a pivotal role in setting brands apart from the competition.
  • Client-designer relationship: Gain insights into fostering a strong and collaborative relationship between clients and designers for successful packaging design projects.

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