Product Shots
3-5 days ready (with accurate label files)

Capture stunning, transparent packshots of your products effortlessly!

Get detailed, flawless, and alcohol bottle images with Outshinery's Product Shots — perfect for all your sales and marketing needs.

wine photography by Outshinery
  • True representation of your beverage product
  • Any bottle/can/BiB shape, any finish — no limits
  • No physical samples, nor camera needed
  • Update any vintage or appellation with ease

Bag-in-Box (BIB)

Lowering your carbon footprint? We do low impact packaging like bag-in-box. 

Boxed wine product shots

Bottles of any shape & size

Promote your wine, beer and liquor with detailed, flawless, and consistent bottle pictures to use on any channel.

Bottled cider photography, tapered bottle, crown cap

Custom container & packaging

Capture any bottle shape, capacity and packaging style — even glass and liquid colors that are unique.

Irish Whisky bottle shot, gift box, holographic foil, custom design, bespoke glass, vinolok cap

Pack and cases

No matter your can offering: from the smallest to largest cardboard packs, from PakTech to biodegradable holders, everything is possible.

Can shots for brewery

Beyond wine bottles

Get the same flawless images for your cans, pouches, bag-in-a-box, and other packaging needs.

Canned wine photography, aluminum, detailed, sharp

Always consistent alcohol photography

Bottle wine pics pack a mighty punch. They're the quintessential assets that sell effectively through all channels. Whether through tech sheets, DTC e-commerce, or retailers, they are critical to maintain your brand's stellar image (and quality) wherever your products are visible to customers.

Paso Robles wine photography, gold capsule, white wine, legible labelLos Carneros wine photography, champagne green glass, legible, consistentDessert wine photography, bartop capsule, premium, legibleItalian style wine Bottle Shots, custom capsule, consistent, legibleLodi wine photography, cork, cap closure, legible label, consistent, legibleProsecco Bottle Shot, sparkling bottle, antique green, gold hood capSparkling wine bottle photography, custom champagne hood, premium, legible, consistentBrandy Bottle Shots, custom bottle
200% share rate
Articles with an image every 75-100 words
94% more views
Posts with images vs. posts without images
70% of consumers
Need 3+ images to buy online

Bottleshots that are always perfect, with up-to-date labels

Enhance the shopping experience and increase your market share with accurate imagery. Vintage updates (and liquid colors!) are included when working with Outshinery.

Wine label photography, 2017Wine label photography, 2018Wine label photography, 2019

Back label shots

This precious real estate is marketing gold.  Help shoppers make an informed decision by showcasing crucial key details on your back label.

Wine back label Bottle Shot

Traditional photography vs. Outshinery’s photorealistic 3D renders

Capture flawlessly detailed and consistent photos, regardless of shape or finish. Bid farewell to subpar outcomes and relinquish the limitations of traditional product photography. Experience a new level of control and precision with Outshinery.

The bottle image for Clew Winery's Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon needs improvement.
eye-catching bottle image for Clew winery, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Pack Photos

Do you sell your products in bundles or packs? No worries! You can still enjoy flawless, photorealistic renderings using the same convenient method.

small pack of ready-to-drink negroni cocktails, by Outshinery

Unleash your creativity!

Bring your imaginative and unique packaging ideas to life with the visual expertise of Outshinery. Let us transform your dreams into stunning reality.

chianti style bottle for napa winery

Branded and/or custom glass bottle shapes

From custom engravings and embossing to unique punt shapes and mouth openings, various customization options are available that help the wine stand out from the competition on the (digital) shelves. From intricate etchings to bespoke punt shapes, there is no limit to what can be done with Outshinery!

4 wine bottles with custom embossed design on the glass

Always up-to-date with the latest alcohol packaging innovations

At Outshinery, we consistently stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest trends and innovations in alcohol packaging. Our commitment ensures that you have access to flawless product imagery, free from any constraints or limitations.

closeup on multiple wine bottle closures, 3d renders by Outshinery

HD photography results

Your images are delivered digitally. Hi-res visuals, ready to download. Get the final files in jpg, png, and tiff formats. Use them anywhere!

jpg iconpng icontiff icon
High resolution wine bottle photography, sculpted emboss, premium, foil, reserve, elevated

Deep expertise in alcohol packaging

Rely on our beverage industry knowledge. Get your final visual assets only after approving your online proofs. No more disappointing results! Let Outshinery be your partner to get the best product content to drive sales and engagement.

Wine bottle finishes

Our first Outshinery shot was mesmerizing and unforgettable. Dreaming up 25 new wines each year for Tank Garage Winery may sound like a nightmare, but creating our product photography was equally challenging. Traditional studio shoots with lengthy timelines didn't jive with our renegade business model, but Outshinery's digital artists are so skilled: I remain skeptical that they are not sorcerers!

Working with Outshinery is so easy. We just upload our label artwork to their website, click a few buttons, and within a few days, we receive the world’s sexiest wine bottle shots!

Napa Farm Collective logo
United-States flag
Ed Feuchuck
Napa Farm Collective

2,000+ alcohol brands trust us.

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Ecommerce ready images

Designed to stand out on the digital shelf, Outshinery's bottle wine images are crafted and optimized for your DTC online platform and various sales channels.

Winery website assets

Better brand experience

Outfit newsletters, websites, shopping carts, marketing emails, tasting notes and spec sheets, wine club shipments and paid ads with effective beauty shots photography.

Winery communication tools

Ready for opportunity

Empower your team and get a competitive edge with on-demand visuals. Hold the advantage on social media and boost your organic visibility.

Wine industry social media
Most common Product Shot questions.
How can we help you today?
Discover why Outshinery Product Shots outshine regular photography!

Outshinery Product Shots surpass traditional photography with a host of remarkable advantages.

First and foremost, our product shots leverage cutting-edge digital rendering technology to create visuals that are not only hyper-realistic but also awe-inspiring. This means we consistently deliver high-quality images without the hassle and expense of traditional photoshoots.

Secondly, our digital approach eliminates the need for physical products, reducing our environmental impact and enabling speedy turnarounds.

But that's not all – our product shots offer unparalleled customization. We can create images in any setting, background, or lighting condition, giving you complete control over how your product is presented. This level of personalization and precision sets us apart from regular photography.

Experience the difference with Outshinery Product Shots – where innovation meets excellence.

What is the price of Product Shots?

Ordering Product Shots from Outshinery is incredibly convenient. Get started by logging into the Outshinery Studio. If it's your first time, simply create an account. Once you're in, head to your dashboard and find the Order Product Shot button.

Answer a few concise yet comprehensive questions about your product, upload the product label, and provide any special instructions you may have. Once you've reviewed and confirmed your order details, proceed to checkout and complete the payment process.

Rest assured, we'll notify you promptly if there's any missing information or if we have any questions. Should you require further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at or use the chat tool on our website.

Is it necessary to send physical samples to Outshinery?

There is no need to physically send bottles or product samples to Outshinery. Our advanced digital rendering technology allows us to create stunning product shots based solely on the details you provide.

This not only speeds up the process, but also reduces shipping costs and environmental impact. All we require from you is a high-resolution file of your product label and specific information.

This approach ensures an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly service for all our customers no matter where they call home.

How fast does Outshinery deliver Product Shots?

Outshinery is dedicated to delivering high-quality digital Product Shots with speed and efficiency, usually under a business week. Once you've provided your product details and label files, and completed the necessary payment, our team will begin working diligently.

Our streamlined digital process eliminates the need for shipping physical products, resulting in significantly faster turnaround times. You can even receive your product images before the wine is bottled!

For those occasions when you require even faster service, we offer rush services for an additional fee. Please note that the exact timeline may vary based on product complexity and order volume at the time.

Rest assured, our team always strives to deliver stunning Product Shots as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

Can you spruce up a product picture I already have?

Regrettably, we cannot utilize existing product photos due to the unique nature of our 3D technology and format. This approach grants us unparalleled flexibility and empowers us to deliver the exceptional outcomes that have made Outshinery renowned.

Furthermore, it allows us to craft additional visual content, such as Lifestyle Images, Recipe Pairings, and Product Group Shots, to further elevate your brand's appeal.

Are there limitations when using Outshinery's technology for Product Shots?

At Outshinery, we embrace the boundless realm of creativity. With our cutting-edge digital rendering technology, we have the capability to fulfill a wide range of requests for Product Shots.

However, it's crucial to note that the quality of the final image is heavily reliant on the accuracy and level of detail in the information you provide us. This includes the ability to furnish technical drawings of custom bottle shapes or packaging, if applicable.

Additionally, there may be additional costs for intricate designs or unique requests, which we will discuss upfront.

Curious about how Outshinery tackles vintage updates on your label?

With Outshinery, updating the vintage on your label is a seamless and straightforward process. We understand the significance of keeping your product images current and accurate. Simply provide us with the new vintage information, and our skilled team will promptly make the necessary updates using our digital solution.

What's even better? There is no service fee for this update — it's completely free! We are dedicated to upholding the highest level of accuracy and satisfaction for our valued customers. For any further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at

Once I've approved my digital proof, how does Outshinery handle minor design changes to my render?

Once you've given your online digital proof the green light, making minor modifications to your render is a breeze. At Outshinery, we understand that perfection often requires fine-tuning. Whether it's adjusting a color, refining an image, or tweaking text, our dedicated team is here to accommodate your requests.

It's worth noting that depending on the complexity of the changes, a small additional fee may apply. Rest assured, we'll communicate this upfront. Our primary aim is your utmost satisfaction, and we strive to bring your product vision to life.

For more details or to request a change, please reach out to our team at

How accurate are the digital renderings compared to the real product?

At Outshinery, we take immense pride in our meticulous craftsmanship when it comes to creating digital renderings. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of accuracy possible. With the aid of our advanced technology and skilled team, we ensure that every detail, from the color and label texture to the shape of the bottle, faithfully reflects your physical product. However, it is imperative to note that the final outcome is contingent upon the accuracy of the information you provide us. We strongly encourage you to share precise and detailed specifications to guarantee an authentic digital representation of your product.

Furthermore, we offer digital proofs for your review before finalizing the photograph. This allows you to carefully examine all the details and ensure that the colors are exactly as you desire. It is important to keep in mind that colors may appear differently on screens, particularly across various devices.

For wines or liquors that are housed in clear or flint bottles, we provide a wide spectrum of liquid color options to ensure a flawless match in the digital rendering.

At Outshinery, we are fully committed to revising your proofs until you are completely satisfied. We hold no bounds when it comes to our dedication to your utmost satisfaction.

What image format does Outshinery use for Product Shots?

Outshinery specializes in providing high-quality Product Shots HD photography, delivering digitally downloadable hi-res visuals. Our final files come in jpg, png, and tiff formats, ensuring compatibility across various platforms including websites, e-commerce stores, print materials, and digital marketing campaigns.

If you have any specific requirements or requests regarding image formats, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at

Can I request a physical print of the digital product shots?

Currently, Outshinery focuses on delivering digital Product Shots and does not provide physical prints. However, our high-resolution TIFF files are print-quality, making them suitable for any independently produced print materials. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at

I'm curious! Can I try Outshinery?

Absolutely! You're invited to discover the exceptional services of Outshinery and experience the remarkable difference for yourself.

The cherry on top: your first product shot is on us! We want you to witness and experience the magic for yourself, and understand why over 2,000 alcoholic beverage brands have chosen to collaborate with us for their product visual content needs.

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