Crafting authentic wine brands: expert insights and strategies

Crafting authentic wine brands: expert insights and strategies

Personalization, technology, and memorable experiences unveiled by industry experts

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  • Amanda Horn, Brand marketer
  • Scout Driscoll, Founder of Vint Studio
  • Stephan Martinez, Founder of Trysk Printing

Outshinery hosted a discussion on wine branding and the customer journey, featuring three experts in the field. They discussed the importance of brand clarity in understanding the competitive landscape and the target audience. 

The panelists also emphasized the need for data-driven creativity to create personalized experiences and engage with consumers. They highlighted the significance of the back label in storytelling and validation, as well as the use of innovative label materials to differentiate brands. The experts discussed the trend of secondary wine labels and the impact of QR codes on labels. They also recommended focusing on in-person experiences to create connections with customers and build brand loyalty. Overall, the panelists emphasized the importance of authenticity, intention, and customer engagement in wine branding.

Key points:
  • Brand clarity: Understand the competitive landscape and target audience for a successful wine branding journey.
  • Data-driven creativity: Personalize experiences and engage consumers through data-driven creativity, emphasizing the importance of consumer insights.
  • Back label storytelling: Utilize the back label as a storytelling platform to build authenticity and validation for your brand.
  • Innovative label materials: Differentiate your brand with innovative label materials that stand out in the market.
  • Secondary wine labels: Explore the trend of secondary wine labels and their role in brand recognition and storytelling.
  • QR code integration: Understand the impact of QR codes on labels, enabling consumers to access valuable information and engage with your brand.
  • In-person experiences: Build brand loyalty by focusing on in-person experiences that create meaningful connections with customers.
  • Authenticity & customer engagement: Authenticity, intention, and active customer engagement is key for wine branding success.

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