Mastering holiday email marketing: secrets to stand out and succeed

Mastering holiday email marketing: secrets to stand out and succeed

Unlock the power of segmentation, visuals, gifting, and coordination for festive email campaigns

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In this webinar, Laurie and Adrienne discuss the importance of email marketing during the holiday season and provide valuable tips to make your emails stand out. They emphasize the need for segmentation and personalization in email campaigns, stating that marketers who use segmented campaigns have seen a significant increase in revenue. They discuss the effectiveness of visuals in email marketing, recommending wineries to experiment with more visual content during the holidays.

Additionally, they advise wineries to leverage gifting as a customer acquisition opportunity and encourage repeat purchases. They also touch upon the integration of emails with other marketing channels and the importance of planning and coordination in holiday marketing campaigns.

Key points:
  • Segment your email list based on factors like geography, club member status, purchase history, and tenure.
  • Use visuals in your email marketing to capture attention and create an emotional connection with your audience.
  • Explore gifting as a way to acquire new customers and encourage repeat purchases during the holidays.
  • Plan your email campaigns in advance and coordinate them with other marketing channels for maximum impact.
  • Consider the timing of your email sends and test to find the optimal send times for your audience.

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