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Hyper-specialized CGI expertise vs. jack-of-all-trades 3D

We get you! With Outshinery, there’s no such thing as explaining what “a LUX Stelvin cap” is. You'll also say goodbye to inconsistencies and say hello to tailored lifestyle imagery. With us, you get accurate, realistic product images and expert partners by your side. Experience unmatched quality and reliability in showcasing your products!

That's incredible. You guys are amazing. Just wanted to round back and say that.

Tank Garage Winery
Ed Feuchuk
Tank Garage
2 single-serve bottles

These are freakin' amazing. Thank you. The label texture takes it to a new level. And whatever you did to the foil on the single barrels was perfect.

Lost Republic Distillery logo
Matt Weese
Lost Republic Distillery
closeup of a lineup of wine bottles in a dark slate dcor

You guys have a fantastic product! I am sorry it took me so long to discover you.

Mi Sueno Winery logo
Simon Solis-Cohen
Mi Sueño Winery
2 single-serve bottles

These are freakin' amazing. Thank you. The label texture takes it to a new level. And whatever you did to the foil on the single barrels was perfect.

Lost Republic Distillery logo
Matt Weese
Lost Republic Distillery
closeup of a lineup of wine bottles in a dark slate dcor

Hands down the best products, team and service there is. Seriously, I can't imagine going back to life without Outshinery.

Napa Farm Collective logo
Darcy Dellera
Farm Collective
front and back bottle photos

Where has this service been my whole life?! Not only are the images outstanding, but the whole process was so pleasant and easy. 100% worth the investment.

Two Montain Winery logo
Erin Smith
Two Mountain Winery
lifestyle image by Outshinery featuring a white wine and a rose wine bottle on a concrete table next to cheese and fresh fruits

Thank you and your staff for your excellent work. I come from a fine arts photography background, so as a result, I am not easy to please when it comes to images, you guys are REALLY good.

Lemelson Vineyards logo
Leslie Kossoff
Lemelson Vineyards

We’re not here to 💩 on generalist 3D agencies.

A lot of CPG brands use online 3D studios. When you browse Amazon, more and more products are computer-generated (CGI). They offer great quality and easy declinations… but being great at rendering a realistic vacuum or kids’ toy, doesn’t make you necessarily adept at understanding the intricacies of the alcohol market.

The need for beverage expertise is real.

Alcohol presentation is a complex landscape with various market-specific regulations and challenges. For instance, think of the three-tier system hurdles in North America, regulations in the Scandinavian market, and Chinese exports, to name a few examples.

While generalist 3D studios excel at producing a wide range of images for fast-moving consumer goods, they often lack the finesse required for capturing the nuanced essence of alcoholic beverages.

So our goal isn’t to convince you that Outshinery = good and generalist 3D agencies = bad. We’re just going to share when you might want to use one versus the other.

wild rice whiskey bottle in a beauty pic (angled photo by Outshinery) featuring a unique laser cut paper label

Outshinery vs. generalist 3D agency

3D Agency
Turnaround time
Creative control
Specialized in alcohol and beverage product imagery with in-depth industry knowledge and expertise.
Transparent pricing with affordable packages tailored to the specific needs and reality of alcohol businesses.
Quick delivery (can start within 3 days), to guarantee timely product launches.
Streamlined and efficient process with clear communication and collaboration.
Professional, high-resolution images that capture the essence of alcohol products consistently.
Full creative control with expert guidance and collaboration from specialized professionals.
Limited understanding of the alcohol category, may not be able to capture its unique challenges.
Typically more expensive since alcohol products often lie beyond their general expertise.
Often longer turnaround times due to extensive 3D modeling and new rendering processes.
May be a lack of a clear process and limited comprehension regarding the intricacies of alcoholic products.
Limited understanding of alcohol product aesthetics and potential inconsistencies in final images.
Complete creativity since it’s using 3D modeling and rendering processes.
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3D wireframe of a champagne bottle created by Outshinery3d wireframe clay bottle before it is finalized3D preview of a sparkling rose wine label before it is finalizedpartial preview of a photorealistic 3d render of just the glass and liquidstandalone wine closure created in 3D softwaredetail of a neck label on a sparkling wine bottle done with 3d softwaresparkling wine label created in a computer software
Keep the industry lingo and get the outcome you want

There once was a time when only big movie studios could afford helicopter shots for their films. Now, anybody with a simple drone can shoot cinematic footage. That's how I feel about these bottle shots. We can now take these wines we've worked so hard on and capture product shots and visuals that would make Apple drool...all thanks to Outshinery.

Napa Farm Collective logo
Ed Feuchuk
VP of Marketing, Farm Collective Napa Valley

With an extensive knowledge of the alcohol industry, Outshinery is equipped to meet its unique needs by delivering compelling and highly effective results.

3D generalist studios, without a dedicated focus on alcohol representation, will struggle to fully comprehend its unique requirements. You may find yourself having to "translate" more terms than you would like!

Add efficiency and cost-effectiveness to your day-to-day operations

Outshinery solved the cost and hassle of sending out bottles for shots. Honestly, we were reusing old shots with the wrong vintage year because we didn't want to deal with it year to year. This made it much simpler and we can even get images before we have the wine bottled!

Shadow Ranch Vineyard logo
Jordan Tanaka
Tasting Room Manager, Shadow Ranch Vineyard

With Outshinery, you can unlock stunning, affordable images through a seamless online process tailored to the needs of your business, big or small.

3D generalist studios often produce standardized, expensive images using methods that may not cater to your specific business needs or regulatory demands.

Where speed meets satisfaction, and quality is guaranteed

Sourcing high-quality bottle shots and lifestyle imagery is a BIG pain point. WineDirect loves to recommend Outshinery because their innovative photography services are easy, and affordable and their work product is outstanding. It’s truly a win-win for everyone: our clients are happy, their websites look great, and they’re able to drive more sales – which is exactly what we want to help them do.

WineDirect Logo
Adrienne Stillman
Marketing Director, WineDirect

Outshinery firmly believes in delivering both quick and quality results. That's why we promise exceptional images in days and offer unlimited revisions until you're completely happy.

Many generalist studios set restrictions on change requests, leading to hourly fees for extra revisions. This approach increases both time and costs significantly.

Rely on proven experience and expertise

Outshinery creates that hi-res credible 'hero' image that would be impossible to photograph due to printing limitations.

Doug Bartow Logo
Doug Bartow
Design Director

With award-winning packaging designer Laurie Millotte at the helm, Outshinery brings industry-specific experience and expertise to the table time and time again.

This level of understanding and proficiency can be hard to match by 3D generalist studios that work across various industries.

Think long-term and future-proof your brand

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Outshinery's product shots are worth millions.

Melovino Meadery logo
Sergio Moutela
Founder and Mead Maker, Melovino Meadery

Outshinery values lasting partnerships with our clients. We're not just a one-and-done provider but a committed partner invested in your long-term success. We even offer complimentary vintage updates!

Many 3D generalist agencies work on a transactional basis, relying on a revolving roster of remote 3D artists. This constant change can make it challenging to ensure consistent output over time.

88% of shoppers believe product images are crucial to their shopping experience.

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What sets Outshinery apart from a general 3D agency?

Outshinery is a specialist in the alcohol and beverage brands sector, providing high-quality product photography services for wineries, breweries, and distilleries. Unlike generalist 3D agencies, our dedicated focus allows us to understand the unique needs and aesthetics of these industries, enabling us to create stunning visuals that truly reflect the essence of your brand.

How does Outshinery ensure superior product quality?

At Outshinery, we are proud of our team of experienced 3D artists, led by award-winning wine packaging designer, Laurie Millotte. Our team's passion and expertise, combined with our deep understanding of the alcohol industry, ensures that every image we produce is of the highest quality and perfectly tailored to your brand's identity.

Why should I choose Outshinery over a generalist 3D agency for my alcohol brand?

Choosing Outshinery means opting for a partner who understands your industry inside out. We know the significance of each detail in your product, from the color of the liquid to the punt texture of the bottle, and how to highlight these features in photographs that capture your audience's attention.

Can Outshinery handle the volume and pace of my business?

Yes, absolutely. As a fast-growing startup, we have the agility and scalability to handle projects of any size. Our fully remote setup also enables us to work efficiently and deliver your project on time, without compromising on quality.

How does Outshinery compare in terms of cost with a generalist 3D agency?

While it's true that specialist services often come at a premium, at Outshinery we believe in delivering value for money. Our specialized knowledge and experience in the liquor and beverage industry enable us to create impactful visuals that drive results, making us a cost-effective choice in the long run.

With Outshinery you are choosing a partner who understands your industry, can deliver high-quality results, and can contribute to the growth of your brand.

How do I get started with Outshinery's specialized product photography services?

To create stunning and lifelike product images, Outshinery requires some essential information from you. Simply complete our concise questionnaire, which gathers specific details about your product(s). You can upload your product's label files in AI or PDF format. Providing clear and high-resolution label files ensures the exceptional quality of the final results.

If you have any particular features, effects, or styles that you'd like us to capture, please indicate them in the questionnaire. The best part is that you don't need to send us any physical samples; we bring your vision to life digitally. Once you've submitted your order and the necessary information, our team will immediately begin creating your high-quality and photorealistic images. Sit back, relax, and leave the rest to us!

Are you keen to work with Outshinery? If so, let's begin

Begin by visiting our pricing page, where you'll discover an array of plans to suit your needs. Once you've chosen the one that best aligns with your requirements, simply place your order and provide us with the necessary product information. There's no need for physical samples – just answer a brief questionnaire and upload your label files. We'll use these details to bring your vision to life digitally.

But wait, there's more! You can take advantage of our complimentary trial to experience firsthand the quality and efficiency of our services. Witness how our exquisite digital imagery can elevate your brand appeal, all without any risk. So why wait? Step into the future of product photography today with Outshinery!

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