Navigating the US market for Italian wines with Laurie Millotte

Unveiling expert insights and visual marketing secrets for Italian wineries

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  • Steve Raye, Italian Wine Podcast
  • Laurie Millotte, Outshinery

In this captivating episode of the Italian Wine Podcast's "Get US market ready with Italian wine people," the knowledgeable host Steve Raye engages in an enlightening interview with Laurie Millotte - founder and Chief Amazement Officer of Outshinery. Delving into the fascinating world of the Italian wine sector, they divulge invaluable insights, recount captivating stories, and offer practical tips for individuals who have a keen interest in venturing into the US market for Italian wines. 

Tune in to immerse yourself in this enriching conversation, brimming with expert advice and delightful anecdotes.

Key points:
  • Laurie Millotte shares her expertise and insights about getting US market-ready with Italian wines.
  • What wineries are missing with "passable" visual assets.
  • How to get industry-standard images for wineries.
  • What the US market expects when it comes to visuals.

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