How to navigate the world of 3-tier wine sales

Selling your wines to restaurants and wine shops can be exhilarating – especially in your home state.

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  • Ben Salisbury of Salisbury Creative

Outshinery hosted a workshop with wine sales expert Ben Salisbury who shared valuable insights on navigating the three-tier wine sales system. Ben discussed the three types of three-tier sales and debunked comon myths about this system. He emphasized the need for wineries to generate their own demand and provided strategies for success in the traditional, digital, and winery direct channels. 

The workshop highlights the opportunities presented by platforms like LibDib and the importance of adapting to modern markets. Participants were encouraged to learn how to market their products effectively, reach the next generation of consumers, and explore innovative strategies for success in the industry.

Key points:
  • Wineries must generate their own demand to succeed
  • Platforms like LibDib offer valuable opportunities
  • Adapting to modern markets is crucial

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