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The power of physical POS displays in retail

The power of physical POS displays in retail

How point of sales shipper displays shape consumer perception and drive sales growth for alcohol brands

POS displays for wine created by Outshinery
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In today's competitive retail environment, every interaction counts. Point Of Sales (POS) shipper displays are more than just a shelf for your products - they're a strategic tool that can shape consumer perception and energize sales growth. Despite their potential, they are often overlooked.

Did you know? According to a study conducted by POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International), approximately 82% of purchase decisions are made in-store. This makes POS displays a critical element in the buyer's journey. The right POS display can significantly influence these in-store decisions, leading to increased product visibility and higher sales volumes.

For alcohol brands, in particular, POS displays offer a unique opportunity to stand out, capture attention, and create memorable shopping experiences. So, let's dive deeper and uncover the transformative power of POS displays in the world of retail!

Key points

  • Point of sale (POS) displays are more than just product shelves; they are strategic tools that can significantly shape consumer perception.
  • In a competitive retail environment, every customer interaction is crucial, and these displays provide an opportunity to make a lasting impact.
  • For alcohol brands, these displays offer a unique platform to stand out, capture attention, and create memorable shopping experiences.
  • They can energize sales growth by influencing the customer's purchasing decision at the final point of the sales process.
  • The power of these displays in retail is often overlooked, yet they are transformative tools in retail merchandising, especially for alcohol brands.
  • By leveraging the benefits of these displays, brands can enhance their sales effectiveness, visibility, and brand perception.

The influence of physical product displays on customer buying behavior

Amplify sales effectiveness

Display shippers are crafted to captivate potential customers, drawing them in and prompting them to engage with your products. They create an unmissable visual impact, compelling shoppers to pause and take notice. The resultant increased engagement paves the way for higher sales conversion rates.

Additionally, they offer flexibility, enabling you to showcase a diverse range of products or concentrate on promoting a newly launched or best-selling item.

end cap display example showing wine bottles in a retail store environment
Get assets to show retailers how your products will stand out in shop and store settings

Augment visibility

In the realm of retail, visibility is paramount. Regardless of how brilliant your products are, if they aren't visible, they won't sell. Display shippers elevate your products, making them stand out amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy retail environment. They can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas, increasing shoppers' probability of seeing and interacting with your products.

Reinforce branding

Beyond augmenting sales and visibility, display shippers serve as an effective instrument for reinforcing brand identity. They offer a unique platform to express your brand's character and narrate its story. With professional editing skills and a controlled studio environment, consistent branding across all your display shippers can be ensured.

See how Outshinery delivers assets before Tank Garage bottles a wine, allowing them to prototype concepts and promote new releases farther in advance.

limited edition Halloween case stack for wine
An eye-catching example of how Oustshinery and 19 Crimes use POS display assets

The impact of POS displays in the alcohol industry

In the alcohol industry, Point of Sales (POS) displays are crucial in influencing consumers' purchasing decisions. These displays, strategically placed throughout stores, hold significant sway over customers when it comes to choosing which products to buy. 

With a wide array of brands and variants vying for attention on the shelves, a well-designed and thoughtfully positioned POS display can be a game-changer.

Enhancing consumer guidance and driving impulse purchases

A carefully crafted display shipper not only helps customers make informed choices but also entices them to make impulse purchases. For example, a case stack showcasing a selection of wines or craft beers creates an opportunity for brands to educate customers about unique offerings, origin stories, or suggested food pairings. 

In doing so, it distinguishes its products from the many alternatives found on typical store shelves, cultivating brand recognition and recall.

wine case stacks featuring a shipper cut out at the top to showcase bottlesi
POS displays can show critic quotes, scores, and other accolates

Promoting seasonal and limited editions

Displays of boxes and case cards go beyond mere guidance and education; they serve as powerful marketing tools to promote seasonal or limited-edition alcohol varieties. By showcasing these exclusive products in captivating setups, a sense of urgency and exclusivity is instilled in consumers.

This presents the perfect opportunity to enhance the overall display with props that genuinely stand out. Imagine: vibrant balloons, oversized plastic sunglasses, eye-catching cardboard standees, and more. Anything that breaks away from the conventional display format is encouraged, as it captivates consumers' attention and draws them towards your brand offerings.

Such an approach not only drives sales but also cultivates a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement surrounding these special offerings.

Thanksgiving wine case stack to promote the perfect pairing for the holiday
Point of sale displays featuring seasonal Lifestyle Images suggest your wines for holidays and special occasions

Helping brands differentiate themselves from the competition

Point-of-sale displays play a crucial role in the alcohol industry's merchandising strategies due to their effectiveness and versatility. These displays create visual impact and attract attention to specific products, enabling brands to stand out from the competition. Whether it's showcasing new releases, highlighting award-winning selections, or featuring collaborations, display shippers remain a powerful tool for capturing consumer interest and driving sales. Their effectiveness and ability to differentiate brands make them an indispensable asset in the alcohol industry.

Exploring different types of displays for beverage brands

In the diverse and dynamic world of beverage marketing, there are several types of display shippers that brands should consider to showcase their offerings effectively.

  • Counter displays: Compact and engaging, counter displays are perfect for placing at checkout counters to catch customer attention. These are great for small-sized beverages or impulse buys.
  • Floor displays: These large and eye-catching tools are designed to stand alone, ideally in high-traffic areas. Floor displays have ample space to highlight a variety of beverages or provide explanatory information.
  • End cap displays: Positioned at the ends of aisles, they are strategically designed to draw customers' attention as they move through the store’s lanes.
  • Fridge displays: Also known as ‘cooler displays,’ these are strategically placed near the refrigerated section, making them perfect for cold beverages or energy drinks.
  • Pallet displays: These are large-scale displays that can hold an entire pallet load of a beverage. These are great for bulk promotions or during high-volume sales periods.
  • Power wing displays: Also known as sidekick displays, these are hung on the sides of end caps or along the aisles, making them a versatile choice for visibility.
  • Dump bins: These are large, open-top bins that are great for promoting bulk items or discounted beverages.
  • Clip strips: As add-on merchandising units, these are perfect for showcasing smaller beverage containers or drink accessories.
  • Standee displays: These larger-than-life stand-alone displays often feature life-size graphics or characters related to the brand and generate buzz around new launches or limited-edition beverages.

Each of these POS examples serves a unique purpose and can be leveraged to optimize visibility, enhance brand recall, and ultimately drive sales growth for beverage brands.

shipper palette of open cut chardonnay wine shippers
Kendall-Jackson uses POS display assets from Outshinery to make a big impression

How to get your alcohol brand prominently displayed in brick-and-mortar retailers

Achieving prominent placement for your wine, beer, RTD, or liquor brand in brick-and-mortar retailers requires a strategic combination of merchandising techniques and persuasive marketing. Here are the steps you can take to make your brand stand out:

  • Present an array of captivating point-of-sale (POS) displays to choose from. Showcase the distinctive qualities of your wine through visually appealing case stacks, cards, and standees. Depending on available space and campaign objectives, leverage counter displays, floor displays, end cap displays, pallet displays, power wing displays, dump bins, clip strips, or standee displays. Optimize the selection based on your specific goals and available resources.
  • Build strong relationships: Provide superior service, timely deliveries, and attractive terms to retailers. Show them that supporting your brand is not just about selling great wine, but also about partnering for mutual success. Remember, your goal is not just to be displayed prominently, but to become a preferred brand for retailers and customers.
  • Leverage the power of 3D renders to showcase your vision. With CGI, retailers can vividly visualize how your point-of-sale display can elevate their store environment and enhance customer interaction. By clearly representing your displays and demonstrating their potential sales opportunities, you can captivate their attention and differentiate yourself from competitors who lack such compelling POS visualizations.
medium footprint POS wine display
Use POS display assets to show off limited edition releases, like this one for 19 Crimes glow in the dark pack

Leveraging 3D imagery of POS to persuade retailers

In the highly competitive retail landscape, convincing retailers to stock your products can be challenging. This is where CGI renders come into play, providing an accurate and realistic representation of how your display shippers would appear within the retailer's environment. By eliminating ambiguity and offering a clear vision of the potential impact, these professional high-quality 3D renders bring several benefits.

Firstly, they allow you to vividly demonstrate the potential impact of your point-of-sale (POS), setting the stage for your products to shine. Secondly, they enable retailers to envision how consumers will interact with the display in their familiar stores. By facilitating imagination, you increase your chances of securing a valuable footprint inside a brick-and-mortar store.

Point of sale display for retailers for wine

The store is full of distractions. Get their attention!

Persuade retailers to select your displays over the competition by utilizing compelling preview imagery that captivates their attention.
More about POS imagery

Moreover, 3D renders provide the flexibility to experiment with different designs, layouts, and footprint sizes before making a final decision. This flexibility not only saves brands considerable time and resources but also makes it highly compelling for floor managers. 

By presenting retailers with thoughtfully crafted 3D renders of your displays, you are not only showcasing your product, but also selling an experience, a vision, and ultimately, a promising return on investment.

large footprint POS display with oversized plastic prop
Go big with display assets to convince retailers your brand will sell llike hotcakes

In summary

In conclusion, POS displays are a powerful tool in the retail industry, driving sales effectiveness, enhancing visibility, and reinforcing branding. Particularly in the alcohol industry, they play a vital role in guiding and educating consumers, promoting exclusive varieties, and capturing attention amidst fierce competition. 

By leveraging innovative digital imagery solutions, businesses can effectively pitch their brand to retailers and significantly increase their chances of standing out. Using digital 3D solutions further empowers retailers to visualize the substantial sales potential that captivating visuals can bring. Embrace the power of POS displays and unlock new dimensions of success in the dynamic world of retail.

wine boxes stacked on top of another to catch the eye
Beat the competition with attention-grabbing POS dispaly assets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of display shippers in the alcohol industry? 

Display shippers, also known as "case stacks," serve multiple key purposes in physical stores. They create a visually striking impact, attract attention to specific products, educate customers about unique offerings, and promote exclusive or seasonal varieties. These shippers play a critical role in driving impulse purchases, boosting sales, and enhancing brand recognition and engagement.

What are some of the different types of POS displays that brands can use in their merchandising strategies? 

Several types of display shippers include counter displays, floor displays, end cap displays, fridge displays, pallet displays, power wing displays, dump bins, clip strips, and standee displays…

Each type serves a unique purpose and can be used to optimize visibility, enhance brand recall, and ultimately drive sales growth.

How can 3D renders assist in merchandising strategies? 

3D-rendered imagery offers a captivating and precise depiction of a brand's point-of-sale (POS) in a retailer's environment. It empowers brands to explore diverse designs, layouts, and color schemes before finalizing decisions, resulting in time and resource savings during the planning phase. Additionally, it effectively convinces retailers to stock products by showcasing the potential impact on sales and customer interaction.

What is the best way to begin implementing POS displays for my alcohol brand?

To secure a spot in a desired retail store, it's crucial to have a deep understanding of your brand, products, and target market. Here are some key steps to consider:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the retail landscape and align your brand with the right store.
  2. Showcase how your point-of-sale (POS) display contributes to a comprehensive marketing campaign, amplifying sales potential.
  3. Present a range of display options that consider available space, objectives, and budget.
  4. Utilize 3D renders to experiment with designs and provide retailers with a visual representation of how your display will enhance their store.
  5. Dare to be different! Incorporate unique elements like props, light strings, or balloons to make your display truly stand out.
  6. Cultivate strong relationships with retailers through exceptional service and favorable terms.
  7. Continuously refine your POS displays based on market trends and feedback to ensure ongoing effectiveness.

By following these steps, you can optimize your chances of success in securing and maintaining a prominent presence in retail stores.

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