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Jill Barth


September 2, 2020

How people shop. And how wine fits in.

Actionable tips for ecommerce success.

Competition for consumer attention is steep. There are a lot of products out there, and consumers are flooded with options. But there are ways for wineries to rise to the top of the attention span, especially during the OND (October, November, December) season.  

Listen in as this lively panel (moderated by Keltie, of course) discusses our August 2020 On the Spot theme: How people shop. And how wine fits in.

Meet the panel, watch the replay, and get our top takes from their conversation.

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Meet the panel, watch the replay, and get our top takes from their conversation.

Get 15 of our top tips from the conversation.
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Chloe Tyer
Director of Membership at Heitz Cellar

Chloe’s top tip | Storytelling leads to sales. “Find your why,” suggests Chloe. Dig in and share the background of your everyday life at the winery. You are rich with stories!


Laurie Millotte
Founder and Chief Amazement Officer at Outshinery

Laurie’s top tip | Hire someone if you need to. If new technology seems intimidating, hire someone or look for a remote freelancer to help with chat bots, websites, and ecommerce. As Laurie says: “For someone who does this day in and day out, it is not a lot of work.” Find that person!


Tyler Yang
Talent Growth Specialist at Shopify and Co-Founder of LOA Skin 

Tyler’s top tip | You can’t afford NOT to retarget. As Tyler says: “Follow people around the internet.” Keep them engaged by showing up in their feeds and sending them back to your site.

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