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Jill Barth


September 30, 2020

How to communicate your products digitally + 2020 holiday shopping predictions and free bonuses!

It’s not too early to start planning for the upcoming holiday season and to get your wine in front of more people. Need help getting a seasonal marketing plan in place? Grab your free marketing kit, including a marketing calendar + animated sticker pack.

You’ve heard it all before: 2020 is different. But the good news is that the wine industry has been skilled at adapting to changes, and that includes more robust ecommerce and digital experiences for customers. This time of year can be really big for your winery, with increased sales and more connections with the people that love your wine.

Laurie was recently asked to be a guest on VinSUITE’s webinar series, and she talked about seasonal marketing for wineries. Enjoy the replay and check out these tips you can use right now.

Here are our predictions for this holiday shopping season:

  • If people can’t gather for parties, more focus will be on gifts. Corporate clients as well as your members and new potential customers will see wine as a festive way to share the season, without actually sharing a space.
  • Shopping will be more personalized. People will buy from brands that offer experiences that feel warm and customized even though they are digital.
  • In 2019, “cyber week” was responsible for around 37% of retail sales2 in the US, from mid-November to the day after Christmas. 2020 will likely be even higher, with more people avoiding crowds and accustomed to doing everything online.
  • Holiday orders linked to social media exposure will continue to rise. Clicking through from a favorite platform is an easy way to get the products that look so good on the screen.

  • More time to research. People are already behind screens and will be looking for wine buying information.

Get marketing tips for wineries. Sell more wine online during the 2020 holiday months:

  • Position your wine as the ideal gift. Now is the time to get in touch with corporate clients—and get into their holiday budgets, which likely won’t have parties as a line item.
  • Use effective SEO. As people research things like: “which wine to give as a gift,” you want your brand to come up. Ramp up blog posts that will lead people back to your buying site when they search.

  • Use all touchpoints to communicate how your wine will fit into the lives of your customers and their gift recipients. Use visuals and concise copy.
    • How to serve it.
    • Show it as a gift.
    • Easily explain details about the wine.
    • Make unboxing videos.
  • Ensure your platform has up to date Bottle Shots for the full portfolio in time for cyber week. Update tech sheets!
  • Include back label images so they can see the full picture.
  • Promote offers and gifts sets leading up to cyber week.
  • Use social media to “meet” customers around the world.
    • Show your wine as a gifs.
    • Show your wine in situ.
    • Respond to all comments on social media.
    • Be sure everything links up to your buying page.


Use your subscription to take advantage of ALL Outshinery offerings:

    • All online.
    • No physical samples needed.
    • Multiple formats for digital and print. Holiday cards, magazine ads, press releases!
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