Cannabis Product Photography
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Capture your CBD and THC products perfectly and legally

Professional Cannabis Product Photography for brands. Unlock the power of compelling visuals to establish trust in the emerging realm of CPG.

2 high-end metallic jar containing CBD gums on a white table top
  • True representation of your SKU
  • Any style or shape of packaging
  • No physical samples needed
  • Build a premium brand image

Make your move

As a pioneer in the booming CPG category, it is crucial to stand out and build trust. Elevate your brand's sales and marketing to deliver consistent and exceptional customer experiences across every online and offline interaction.

premium CBD chocolate barpremium CBD chocolate barpremium CBD chocolate barpremium CBD chocolate barpremium CBD chocolate bar

Inventive packaging personified

Unleash your brand's creativity with high-quality cannabis product shots. Don't settle for lackluster visuals that don't reflect your brand's inventiveness and style. Outshinery helps you showcase your products' vibrancy with custom looks and beautiful details.

small packet of CBD chocolate
Outshinery Product Shot required beforehand
open display box containing small packet of CBD chocolate

Always perfect and stylish

Tins. Sachets. Droppers. Bottles. Wrappers. No matter the packaging, Outshinery provides imagery that matches the material, shape, and label design. Capture the details and beauty of your product — get the perfect visuals to elevate your brand with Outshinery.

high-end metallic jar containing CBD gumshigh-end metallic jar containing CBD gumshigh-end metallic jar containing CBD gumshigh-end metallic jar containing CBD gums

HD results

Your images are delivered digitally. Hi-res visuals, ready to download and put to use in multichannel brand marketing. You’ll get the final files in jpg, png, and tiff formats so they can be put to use immediately, everywhere.

jpg iconpng icontiff icon
Outshinery Product Shot required beforehand
POS display for premium CBD gummies

Gift and delivery boxes

Outshinery Product Shot required beforehand

Show off all the elements of your packaging. Boxes and sets aren’t left out — with Outshinery you’ll be able to present the full package to your customers so they can get excited about their shipment or cannabis subscription.

open cardboard box containing metal jars with CBD gummies
open cardboard box containing metal jars with CBD gummies
open cardboard box containing metal jars with CBD gummies
open cardboard box containing metal jars with CBD gummies
  • Raise average orders or subscription values

  • Keep your audiences engaged on email

  • Get more prominent media coverage

  • Support distributors, press, and sales partners

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200% share rate
Articles with an image every 75-100 words
70% of consumers
Need 3+ images to buy online


Effectively promote CBD products by showcasing their outer packaging and labels, empowering consumers to make informed choices.

Cannabis cosmetic cream

Jars and bottles

Showcase the integrity of your offering through accurate product shots that represent what customers can expect to receive.

cannabis supplements

Droppers and vials

Make your CBD product more understandable by providing visuals that show customers what to expect when they have it at home.

dropper for CBD

Banners and website

Entice visitors to explore your website to discover your cannabis brand's story, while providing an enjoyable e-commerce experience that encourages sales.

website example using Outshinery product shots
Let’s answer your questions
How can we help you today?
Can Outshinery create product images for cannabis products?

Yes, Outshinery can indeed create product images for cannabis products. We understand that each industry has its own unique requirements, and the marijuana industry is no exception. Our team of professionals is experienced in creating high-quality, compliant images that can effectively showcase your cannabis products in a compelling and attractive way.

How can Outshinery enhance the presentation of my CBD or THC products?

Outshinery elevates the presentation of your cannabis brand through the creation of vibrant, top-notch images that showcase the distinct features of your product. Our images breathe life into the sleek design of your packaging, enabling potential customers to gain a deeper understanding of your product prior to making a purchase. This, in turn, enhances their overall buying experience.

What type of cannabis products does Outshinery specialize in?

While Outshinery is highly capable of creating beautiful product images and enticing retail displays for cannabis products such as beverages, gummies, and chocolates, we wouldn't necessarily be your first choice for dried flowers or close-ups of leaves. Our forte lies in capturing the aesthetic allure of packaging. So, if you're looking to showcase your cannabis products in an appealing, professional manner, Outshinery's expertise in packaging visualization can provide the ideal solution.

Is it legal to use Outshinery's services to create images of cannabis products?

You can legally utilize Outshinery's services to create images of cannabis products as long as your business operations align with local laws and regulations. One of the advantages is that you're not required to send physical product samples to Outshinery, which simplifies compliance (no shipping!). Our objective is to assist you in showcasing your cannabis products in a secure and compliant manner that enhances their appeal to potential customers.

What if I have specific requirements for my cannabis product images?

At Outshinery, we understand that different products and industries come with their own specific requirements. If you have special instructions or unique needs for your cannabis product images, we encourage you to communicate these to us. Our team is committed to working closely with you to ensure that your needs are met and that we deliver images that accurately and attractively represent your products.

How much do cannabis product images cost with Outshinery?

The cost of cannabis product images with Outshinery typically starts at 1 Shine credit per product shot. However, please note that the final cost can vary depending on the complexity of the project. Outshinery operates on a credit-based system, where each credit (a "Shine Credit") represents one product shot. We strive to make our pricing transparent and flexible, ensuring value for money at every step. We encourage you to visit our pricing page for a detailed overview of our pricing structure. Here, you can find the best package to suit your specific needs and budget.

What does Outshinery need to get started on CBD or THC imagery?

To begin creating imagery for your CBD or THC products, Outshinery needs some essential details. We require high-resolution or vector files of your design and labels. If you have specific colors, provide Pantone or HEX references.

Please share a clear description or existing photos of the packaging material and shape. Any additional details like textures, finishing touches (matte or gloss), and unique elements of your product are also helpful.

Once we have all the necessary information, our team will start working on your project. If we need more information or have any questions, we'll promptly get in touch with you. We believe in open communication and keeping you involved throughout the process.

Before delivering the final digital assets, we provide online proofs for your approval. These proofs ensure we accurately capture your vision, product features, and details. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Outshinery stands out by fostering collaboration and delivering exceptional product imagery.

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