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POS/Retail Displays

Point-of-sale (POS) visuals are essential to secure retailer deals, yet they can be challenging to showcase digitally.

Ready in 3-5 days (Outshinery Bottle Shot required beforehand)
  • Get assets without shipping a single bottle or material
  • Secure exceptional visuals that support your sales presentations
  • Pay attention to an often-overlooked aspect of alcohol sales
  • For any style of packaging, with limitless possibilities

How do point-of-sale visuals work with my products?

Take advantage of Outshinery’s 3D technology and expertise to show off the eye-catching power of your brand’s retail look flawlessly.
Step 1

Explore a range of possible examples to inspire you, from case stacks to elaborate displays.

  • Almost anything is possible. Do you want to sell it? We can create it.
  • We help put all of your puzzle pieces together for you.
  • 3D renders will match your product and packaging exactly.
Step 2

Tell us everything about your needs.

  • Provide artwork and/or diecut files, necessary specs, and angle information.
  • If you already have Outshinery-created elements, we will use those.
  • Give us around a week or so to create your assets.
  • Brief changes after we get started could cost you more.
Step 3

You’ll have the option to review your proof for final approval.

  • Then you can download the finished files in multiple digital formats (jpg, png, tif).
  • These will be ready to use anywhere.
Any questions? Email us at info@outshinery.com

Shipper (cutout or closed)

Pallets with paper sleeves

Case stacks + Cards

(Can be various sizes with multiple SKUs, custom arrangements, and more!)

Custom case stack + Bespoke props

"Consistently Amazing!

We have been partnering with Outshinery for all of our retail display renderings, and they hit it out of the park every time. Our displays look just as they would out in the market, but with the scale/angle consistency that makes them shine in sell-in materials. The Outshinery team is efficient, collaborative, and has an incredible range of skills — creating assets from case stack configurations to custom display pieces for us. I can’t emphasize enough how valuable they are to our team."
Jocelyn Porter - Heard Creative
Jocelyn Porter,Creative & Account Operations at Heard Creative

Skinny tower

Case stack with tray

Endcap display with shelf blades (in-store environment)

Cooler display with cold box sticker

Take advantage of Outshinery’s 3D technology and expertise to turn your brand's vision into a reality.

Trusted by 2K+ brands

John Anthony Vineyard
Kistler Vineyards
Field Recordings
Oak Farm Vineyard
Trinitas Cellars
The Duckhorn Portfolio
The Duckhorn Portfolio
Cline Cellars

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Google 5 stars

Most common questions.

What products can I feature?

Anything your heart desires! Cans, packs, bottles, shippers, jars, packets. Anything is possible.

I have my own arrangement of shippers. Can I get renders of this?

Absolutely! Send us a sketch, a mockup, or a reference image, or tell us with words. Fill us in on the look and we’ll work to create your visuals.

What do I need to make something like this happen?

Think of it as building a Lego castle. We'll need all the individual building blocks of your display. This could include information and artwork files for the Bottle Shot (if we haven't created that yet), art dieline for the shipper or sleeve, necker files, cards, and other custom element specifics.

I have a custom standee or prize to feature as a part of an in-store campaign. Can those be done?

Standees — sure thing! (We’ve made one of Snoop Dogg!) For custom elements such as a prize, it's very likely doable, but we'll need to see the idea and specifications before we tell you for sure. We’ve created a snowboard, stand-up paddle board, Christmas tree, and more. So reach out and let us know!

I’m confused. What are these used for?

When brands want to secure retail deals (think of your wine in Target or Wal-Mart) and they are obliged to show the power of packaging displays so people don’t simply walk by and head to, say, the pet food. These assets prove that your products can turn heads in a big way. With Outshinery visuals, you can make the deal by proving that you’ve thought of this super-important aspect of alcohol sales. And, like always with Outshinery, the whole process is done digitally, without the need to ship us anything. Your assets will flawlessly match your brand’s look and specifications — no mash-up or subpar impressions — a true projection of the quality of your products.

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