In-store POS/Retail Displays

Gain the competitive edge: Boost retailer deals with point-of-sale visuals.

Showcase 3D custom displays without the hassle with Outshinery's In-store POS/Retail Displays. Boost your in-store sales with stunning digital POS displays that seal the deal.

wine POS display example created in 3D by Outshinery
  • Get assets without shipping a single bottle or box
  • Secure exceptional visuals that support your sales presentations
  • Pay attention to an often-overlooked aspect of alcohol sales
  • For any style of packaging, with limitless possibilities

Stadium-cut cardboard shipper

Specially designed packaging to display bottles in stores. Made of sturdy cardboard, it's strategically cut to make it easy to restock and attracts customer attention.

open tray pack shipper

Pallets of wine with paper sleeves

Wooden pallets are an efficient means of shipping and storing wine bottles. The paper envelope offers branding opportunities and enable retailers to organize wine bottles in an aesthetically pleasing, accessible manner.

retailer display for CostCo

Complex layout of wine cases with promo cards

(Display footprints can come in various sizes, with numerous SKUs, and can be customized to fit different arrangements and layouts.)

A strategic arrangement of wine shippers along with accompanying inserts. The intricate pattern of cardboard boxes with different bottle orientations and layering adds visual interest. This type of in-store display creates an immersive shopping experience that encourages customers to explore and potentially purchase from the wide range of available wines.

wine POS display example created in 3D by Outshinery

Skinny tower to display wine gift sets

Tall and narrow fixtures for maximum product visibility while optimizing space. They create eye-catching displays for impulse-buy and are ideal for high-traffic areas.

wine POS skinny tower example

Case stack with open tray

Setup with multiple shippers stacked vertically, with a tray placed on the topmost case. The tray not only facilitates access to the bottles but also serves as a perfect platform to showcase featured wines.

wine POS example

How do custom POS visuals work with my products?

example of a POS with wine and props
Explore ideas for your sales display.
  • Almost anything is possible. From conception to last details, we have the creative talent and technical know-how to bring your vision to life.
  • Think: sign holders, display racks, case sleeves, floor space, store fixtures and so much more!
  • We specialize in piecing together all your puzzles, so you don't have to.
  • Our 3D renders ensure an exact match of your product and packaging, leaving no room for error.
all the elements to compose a wine POS
Share your vision and requirements.
  • To make sure we nail the packaging artwork for you, please share the necessary production files, specs and camera angle preference.
  • If there are existing Outshinery-created elements such as bottles or shippers, we will utilize them accordingly.
  • Give us a week to create your 3D point of purchase.
  • In the event of modifications to the initial brief after the work has started, an extra fee shall be applicable.
example of a POS with wine and props
Review + download your display.
  • Results will be delivered in various HD digital image formats, including jpg, png, and tif.
  • You can now use the renders everywhere and share them effortlessly with your retail partners.
  • Any questions? Email us at

Shipper stack with sleeves & custom plastic props

Sophisticated display stands used in retail environments to make a splash. While more expensive than a standard point-of-sale setup, these points-of-purchase offer have the potential to drive even more sales.

example of a wine POS for retailers

Consistently amazing! We have been partnering with Outshinery for all of our liquor retail display design and renderings, and they hit it out of the park every time. Our new display cases and wine racks look just as they would out in the market, but with the scale/angle consistency that makes them shine in sell-in materials. The Outshinery team is efficient, collaborative, and has an incredible range of skills — creating assets from case stackers and configurations to custom display pieces for customers and us. I can't emphasize enough how valuable they are to our team.

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Endcap branded with shelf blades

(within an in-store environment)

Specialized display unit that is placed at the end of an aisle or section in a store. Adjustable shelf blades maximize product visibility, draw attention, and increase sales by showcasing high-demand items.

end of aisle retailer display example

Cooler display with cold box sticker

(within a fridge retailer environment)

Refrigerated wines are now more visible than ever! The 'cold box' sticker indicates that bottles are chilled and ready to drink, enticing impulsive buyers.

in-fridge POS example

Branded kegs

Are you aware that Outshinery can produce pictures of your customized kegs too? Applying your logo or illustration onto the container can augment your appeal when persuading bars and restaurants to stock your product!

branded wine keg by Outshinery

Displays for the cannabis industry

Effective presentation is key to breaking into a new, mostly uncharted, product category. Outshinery is the answer ─ bringing confident point-of-sale visuals that embolden retailers to showcase your CBD brand.

beautiful CBD product display created by Outshinery

Take advantage of Outshinery's 3D technology and expertise in the wine industry to realize your brand's vision.

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What does 'POS display' stand for?

In the world of Retail Space, the acronym 'POS' stands for 'Point of Sale' display. This specialized form of sales promotion is strategically placed near, on, or next to checkout counters to draw consumers' attention to products and encourage impulse buy.

POS displays come in many forms, like countertop, floor, and wall-mounted displays, and serve as an effective tool for retailers to increase sales and enhance customer experience.

How do liquor retailers benefit from using POS displays?

Alcohol point-of-purchase displays can significantly boost sales for supermarkets and liquor stores. These displays have a direct impact on consumer choices, particularly on those impulse purchases. With precise customization, retailers can capture the attention of even the most undecided purchasers and guide their buying choices.
Studies have shown that POS displays increase in-store sales substantially, positively affecting sales volume.

Since liquor purchases happen frequently, it is critical for retailers to regularly update their POS displays to keep them fresh and interesting, thereby retaining customer interest while positively affecting purchasing decisions. With proper visual appeal, consumers' expectations and freshness, wine POS displays have the power to sway consumer thinking, driving sales upward.

What are some examples of sale displays?

Point-of-sale (POS) displays are an effective way to draw customers in and increase sales. Custom designed for new products, these custom semi-permanent displays include counter displays, wood pallet displays, floor displays, and temporary stacks of corrugated cardboard shippers.

Essentially, POS displays add an extra oomph to your marketing initiatives and are a great investment for any business looking to make an impact.

What is the difference between a POS display and a POP display?

When it comes to retail marketing, understanding the difference between POS (Point of Sale) displays and POP (Point of Purchase) displays is essential.

POS displays are typically smaller and take up space near the register or on the checkout counter. They are designed to draw attention to impulse purchases, such as convenience items, and can be used to increase sales at the point of sale.

POP displays, on the other hand, take up floor space within a retailer and are aimed at customers browsing the store. They can be used for any type of new product, or service and are designed to draw shoppers' attention to products in high-traffic areas.

Overall, both POS and POP displays can be effective and convenient tools for increasing sales in a retail setting. It is important to understand how each type works in order to maximize their effectiveness to boost sales while in the retail store.

What products can I feature in my in-store display?

We have a vast range of packaging options available to meet your product's needs and style. Whether you're looking for cans, packs, bottles, shippers, jars, or packets, we've got you covered.

You can achieve the exact look and design you want, as anything is possible with our customizable packaging solutions!

Are POS displays a type of advertising?

The answer is yes. Point-of-sale (POS) displays are in-store fixtures that display products, and are highly effective in driving impulse purchases. They are designed to draw attention to the product, and can be used to promote new products or special offers on featured products. POS displays can also be used to increase brand awareness and loyalty by using brand recognition and providing customers with information about the product or company.

POS displays can be used in a variety of ways, from traditional retail settings such as supermarkets and department stores, to more modern settings such as trade shows and pop-up shops. They can also be used for digital displays and marketing campaigns, such as online ads or social media posts.

Overall, POS displays are an important part of any retailer’s marketing strategy. By utilizing them effectively, retailers can increase sales and build customer and brand loyalty.

I have my own arrangement of corrugated cardboard shippers. Can I get 3D renders of these?

Certainly! If you have a sketch, mockup, or even a reference image, please send it our way. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can use words to describe the look you're going for. Regardless of how you share your vision, we'll work our magic to bring it to life in stunning visuals!

What information must I provide Outshinery to produce a CGI in-store display?

In order to create the perfect display, think of it like building a magnificent Lego castle.

We will need all of the individual building blocks to fit together harmoniously. This includes providing us with the information and artwork files for the Bottle Shot (if we haven't created that yet), art dieline for the shipper or sleeve, necker files, cards, and other custom element specifics that will make your display stand out.

By properly planning and laying out each element, we can construct a stunning display that will grab the attention of all who see it!

I have a very custom designed point of purchase pop standee or prize to feature in retail store as a part of an in-store campaign. Can those be done?

Standees — sure thing! (We’ve made one of Snoop Dogg!) For custom designed elements such as a prize, it's very likely doable, but we'll need to see the idea and specifications before we tell you for sure. We’ve created a snowboard, stand-up paddle board, Christmas tree, and more.

So reach out and let us know!

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