Product Videos

Bring your brand to life: Get noticed instantly with captivating animations.

Stand out in today's crowded market with Outshinery's Product Videos — ideal for paid ads, homepages and social media.

  • Showcase your product in a new way
  • Can be playful or elevated to match your brand
  • Leverage on your website, social media, etc.
  • Stand out from the noise (video content gets clicks!)

Animate your label

Get noticed and charm potential customers. Product videos turn your design into a hired storyteller.

Impress with a teaser

Generate excitement with drama and emotion. Use product videos to strike a chord of intrigue.

Videos are what’s next in marketing.

92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy — the highest percentage of any year since 2015.

Video is the #1 form of media used in content strategy in 2023. It is key to brand storytelling.

Prices start at $280

Present new releases

Roll out the red carpet for the new vintage or new wines. Product videos are memorable announcements.

Charm your wine club

And invite new members with a digital greeting. Get in front of them with product videos.

Make videos work for you.

There are tons of opportunities to use video: social media (all the platforms), ecommerce and website, tasting rooms screens, product launches, digital member messaging.

"Outshinery is world-class. Their customer support and design team make magic happen.

When the print details are precious and detailed, they’re so patient and equally technical. I continue to be blown away. And getting proofs is like Christmas morning!"

Sylvia Aranda - Ode Design Studio
Sylvia Aranda

Video file/size

16/9 (common website)
1/1 square social media

Trusted by 2K+ brands

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Google 5 stars
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Most common Product Videos questions.
How can we help you today?
How do I order a Product Video or Animated Label?

Send us an email at and let us know what you are looking for an how you’d like to use the video. It’s pretty easy to get the ball rolling so we can collaborate on exactly the perfect video for your product.

Do you need physical samples of my alcohol to make the Product Video?

Nope! Unlike traditional photography, you can receive all your visual content beforehand, and you don’t even need to ship physical samples. Get ahead of the game with all the imagery you need, even before your product is bottled. Your marketing team will love you!

Why do I need to order a Product Shot before I can order a Product Video?

Great question! Getting your standard Product Shot is like casting the right actor for your film — she’s essential to everything that comes after. Once you’ve found her, the rest of the movie falls into place around her, like a set. Without the actor the set is a bit empty!

It’s the same thing with your Product Shots! They are the “actors” in your imagery. Once we’ve created your bottle image with the perfect product color, paper texture, and other finishes, it’s ready to be placed in any Lifestyle Images, Animated Labels, and Product Videos!

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