Group Shots

Boost alcohol sales with flexible product portfolio images

Showcase your unique brand offering with Group Shots, the perfect way to enhance your product pages and marketing material.

multiple hock bottles in a minimalistic white environment, using stands
  • Arrange your bottles exactly how you want them
  • Effortlessly substitute with  latest vintages or new inventory
  • Select your desired layouts from a wide range of options
  • Mix and match props and background textures

Spark interest in your wine collection or series

Compelling images have the power to captivate and entice new enthusiasts. With the right composition and lighting, wineries can utilize visuals that deeply resonate with wine enthusiasts, ultimately boosting sales.

group of bottles on a black background lit from behind

Explore flat-lay photography

A slightly unconventional angle when it comes to featuring wine, flat lays add a unique touch that makes the end result stand out while ensuring perfect legibility of the label.

flat-lay featuring 4 wine bottles on a grey table

High-impact creatives for your brand's digital channels

Enhance your conversions by providing flawless group product photography to distributors and retail partners. With Outshinery's customizable and impeccable approach, you can showcase your products in the best light without the hassle of shipping physical bottles to a photographer.

stunning display of japanese liquors in an elegant decor
stunning display of japanese liquors in an elegant decor without labels
white decor about to receive spirit bottles

Group Shots for websites & ecommerce

Enhance your website's appeal by incorporating attention-grabbing image banners on your shop page and other sections. This strategic approach allows you to effectively showcase your diverse range of wine offerings, captivating customers and enticing them to explore more.

winery website homepage featuring a group shot by Outshinery

Finally, effortless group product photos!

3D rendering is the ultimate solution for capturing flawless group product photos effortlessly. Add some flair to your communication without any unexpected hiccups.

3 beautiful premium wines in a moody setting

Elevate your product range

To communicate your brand’s story, experiment with lighting, shadows, and prop placement without overshadowing the stars of the show: your bottles!

3 tequila bottles on a sunny table top

Embrace unique perspectives

Using different camera angles in product group shots is a powerful strategy that creates distinction and stimulates curiosity. It encourages potential customers to explore your offerings further.

6 premium red wine bottles next to each other on a contemporary background

Maintain a consistent quality and style across your wine product photography

By ensuring that your group product photos have the same lighting and editing style as your standalone Product Shots, you create a cohesive and professional look that instills confidence.

extensive lineup of wine bottles on a white background

Podiums, platforms, and other elevated structures

Explore a diverse selection of props to elevate your product stacking and create captivating image compositions.

blanco tequila, reposado tequila and añejo tequila standing on a wooden podium

Ideal for wine clubs or product subscriptions

To make your wine club or subscription offering to stand out, highlight variety, include the total number of bottles in each delivery, and use lifestyle imagery for a well-rounded visual experience.

4 red wine bottles next to each other on angle on a volcanic background

Dramatic custom backgrounds

Cost depends on complexity level

Bring your unique vision to life with Outshinery! Simply share your goals and inspiration, and our accomplished team will handle the rest, crafting stunning digital visuals that authentically reflect your brand.

3 beautiful cognac bottles on a dramatic fiery background

Showcase variety

Allow customers to see the breadth of your product offering harnessing the power of images.

3 hock bottles in a minimalistic decor

Boost your team's capabilities and capacity with Outshinery like never before!

Display the total number of bottles in the delivery

When opting for a wine club, customers value clear communication regarding the quantity of wine in each delivery. This fosters trust and helps customers grasp the value they receive.

multiple wine bottles against a wall seen from above

If I could give them more than 5 stars, I certainly would! From my initial exploration of their website to the finished product of 30 bottles in a variety of shapes and colors, they were fabulous.

Each shot was tailored to our specific needs, and the turnaround time from our initial inquiry to completion was just over 2 weeks! There's a reason they're considered the best in the industry!

Buttonwood Grove Winery logo
United-States flag
Marcia Klue
Buttonwood Grove Winery

Always use the right varietals in their proper vintages

Outshinery simplifies the process of precisely showcasing accurate products, guaranteeing a delightful experience for your customers with no unexpected surprises.

lineup of wine bottles in a wood decor

Stand out, don't blend in!

Group shots that catch the eye are a game-changer, instantly capturing customer attention. In a saturated market, unique, compelling visuals set you apart from the competition.

lots and lots of aluminum cans next to each other seen from above
Let’s answer your Group Shots questions
How can we help you today?
What do we mean by "Product Group Shots"?

Product Group Shots are a specialized form of product photography that presents multiple products or various versions of a product in a single image. This technique is particularly advantageous for showcasing product ranges, demonstrating product usage, and highlighting the wide array of options in color, size, or style.

By leveraging Outshinery's cutting-edge technology, we have the ability to create captivating Group Shots without the need for physical products. This grants us the flexibility to arrange and compose the images according to our vision. These visually stunning representations offer a comprehensive view of your offerings, inspiring purchasing decisions and elevating the visual allure of your website or marketing materials.

What is the process behind Outshinery's creation of Group Shots?

Outshinery utilizes advanced 3D modeling and lighting techniques to create stunning Group Shots. Our process begins by meticulously crafting detailed 3D models of each product, tailored to your specifications or based on existing physical samples. These models are then artfully arranged into a visually pleasing composition that highlights key features and accurately represents product sizes and proportions.

Our team of experienced digital artists ensures that each Group Shot surpasses the quality of a photo taken in a traditional studio. They expertly apply realistic lighting, shadows, and meticulously fine-tune colors. Additionally, they can add necessary details and effects to further enhance the visual impact. The result is a collection of high-quality Group Shots that flawlessly showcase your product range and elevate your branding efforts.

It's important to note that you have complete control over the final image. Whether you desire a simple and minimalistic arrangement or a more elaborate scene, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Furthermore, as everything is done digitally, any changes or adjustments can be made quickly and easily. Rest assured that we won't stop until you are completely satisfied with the final proof.

At Outshinery, we strive to provide exceptional quality and flexibility in showcasing your products. Let us transform your vision into captivating Group Shots that leave a lasting impression.

Can I determine the arrangement and positioning of my products in a Group Shot?

Certainly! You have a say in the arrangement and positioning of your products in a Group Shot. At Outshinery, we value collaboration with our clients to create captivating visuals that align with their vision and marketing objectives. When placing your order, you can specify your desired group composition and layout.

Furthermore, if needed, we can provide guidance and suggestions based on our expertise. We can showcase various group compositions and layouts that have been successful for other clients to help you get started. Remember, our ultimate goal is to craft Group Shots that are not only visually stunning but also effectively highlight your product range and brand identity.

Is there a limit to the number of products that can be included in a Group Shot?

While there is technically no set maximum limit on the number of products you can include in a Group Shot, we have found that images with more than 16 products can begin to feel cluttered and overwhelming. Ideally, we recommend featuring between 6 and 12 products in a Group Shot. This range typically strikes the best balance between showcasing a variety of products and maintaining a clean, focused composition that effectively highlights each individual item.

How much does a Group Shot by Outshinery cost?

The starting price for a Group Shot by Outshinery is 2 Shine Credits. However, it's important to note that the price may vary depending on the number of SKUs featured in the shot. Our aim is to provide you with high-quality visuals that offer exceptional value for your investment. We are confident that our pricing is competitive, considering the level of detail and professionalism we bring to each project.

If a Group Shot is expected to cost more than the standard 2 Shine Credits due to an increased number of SKUs or added complexity, we will always notify you in advance. We believe in clear communication and ensuring that there are no surprises when it comes to billing. You will have the opportunity to review and approve any additional costs before we proceed with creating your Group Shot.

What is the typical turnaround time for Outshinery to produce a Group Shot?

Outshinery's turnaround time for creating a Group Shot depends on the project's complexity and the number of SKUs involved. Generally, you can anticipate receiving your initial proof within 4 to 6 business days after confirming your order and providing all necessary product and branding information. Please note that any revisions or changes you request after receiving the initial proof will affect the final delivery date. Rest assured, we will provide you with an estimated completion date upon placing your order, and we always strive to deliver high-quality visuals in the most efficient timeframe possible.

Before creating a Group Shot, Outshinery requires individual product shots for each product featured in the image. These individual product shots serve as the foundation for the composite Group Shot. If there are new products for which we haven't created individual product shots yet, this will extend the project timeline by a few more business days. This meticulous process ensures that each product is showcased in its best light within the Group Shot, enhancing the overall visual appeal and effectiveness of the image.

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