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Here’s how Tank Garage Winery markets 25+ new releases every year with Outshinery

Discover how a Calistoga winery's captivating and innovative visual and marketing strategy has propelled it to the forefront of the industry. Explore its unique blend of tradition and modern techniques, which captivates wine enthusiasts worldwide.

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Since 2016, Outshinery has partnered with Tank Garage Winery, providing this team with high-quality product photography services that capture the essence of their exceptional wines. This longstanding partnership has been a driving force behind the continued growth and success of both companies.

Outshinery is the most amazing thing to ever hit the wine industry.
Ed Feuchuk

Tank Garage Winery was looking for a reliable partner that could provide consistent product photography, in addition to innovative solutions. Outshinery provided the perfect solution. With their help, Tank Garage Winery has achieved a streamlined approach to product photography and has saved hundreds of hours each year.

Background context

Tank Garage Winery is far from your typical Napa winery. With a rebellious spirit and a boundless passion for innovation, it has boldly carved a distinctive path in the realm of winemaking.

Embracing the unconventional, Tank Garage Winery crafts exceptional blends that push the boundaries of traditional winemaking practices. Guided by a unique brand, it specializes in small-lot red, white, and natural wines, along with rosé, orange wine, and sparkling pét-nat—all showcased within the charming ambiance of a vintage Napa Valley gas station.

General Manager Ed Feuchuk expresses his admiration for Outshinery's ability to capture this vibrant essence, delivering assets that effectively introduce remarkable wines to an even wider audience.

the iconic old gas station in Calistoga, home of Tank Garage winery tasting roomCharming Tank Garage Winery attracts guests with a one-of-a-kind property

It started with a time-consuming photo problem

As anyone in product marketing can testify, producing visual assets for a large number of SKUs can be a daunting task. But for Tank Garage Winery, a producer of dozens of unique wines each year, it's an absolute necessity. With so many products to showcase online, getting the right images is critical in capturing the attention of potential buyers.

Not only did the marketing team need to maintain a tight calendar, but they also sometimes needed to showcase products before they were physically available to be photographed — to build excitement pre-release and introduce the new wines to customers, media partners, and reviewers.

Tank Garage Winery also needed digital images that could be deployed across various marketing platforms, including social media and its ecommerce store. Tank Garage Winery drives more sales and stands out in a crowded market, and they do this by reaching people with their unique offerings on time.

The pitfalls of opting for the Do-It-Yourself approach

Running a winery like Tank Garage Winery, it's critical to have an eye-catching, professional visual identity to showcase products to potential and loyal customers. While it was tempting to handle marketing photography in-house, doing so could prove to be a risky move for an innovative company with a vibrant reputation like Tank Garage Winery. The team wanted to leave nothing to chance. This brand couldn’t afford to lose its competitive edge and recognizable style by cutting corners on its brand presentation.

before rose bottle with regular photographer
stunning and sharp bottle shot of a rose wine from Outshinery
See how important accurate product presentation can be, especially when showing the delicate color of rosé

Why Ed decided to give Outshinery a try

Ed Feuchuk is a marketer with over 15 years of experience building DTC wine brands. He says dreaming up 25 new wines each year for Tank Garage Winery may sound like a nightmare, but creating our product photography was equally challenging. Traditional studio shoots with lengthy timelines didn't jive with his renegade business model, but Outshinery's digital artists get it.

Our first Outshinery shot was mesmerizing and unforgettable. I remain skeptical that they are not sorcerers!
Ed Feuchuk

Considerations for switching to digital imagery

As the world continues to shift digital, brands need to consider how their marketing strategy fits into this landscape. Tank Garge Winery realized that impressive brands such as Apple, Nike, and IKEA have embraced digital collateral long ago to capture dynamic and versatile content that can be easily shared across multiple platforms.

Tank Garage Winery was ready to increase brand recognition and double down on an engaging and immersive experience for its customer base. It was time to flip the switch to digital imagery, and showcase new releases in the most visually appealing and impactful way, ultimately leading to increased engagement and sales.

closeup beauty shot a of fun wine label by Tank Garage showcasing a gold hand doing the middle fingerThis Beauty Shot gets every aspect of this stunning label exactly right

Ed and his team are unstoppable!

25 brand new wines released every year

That’s more than two wines per month. Imagine creating a wine and also designing packaging and marketing it. This is what Tank Garage customers expect!

Ain’t no way we’re stopping now, Outshinery continues to blow our minds and make us look too damn good.
Ed Feuchuk

small sample selection of bottle shots for Tank Garage winery done through the years by Outshinery, all using 3DNo two bottles are even close to the same at Tank Garage Winery

27 Product Shots on the DTC website

Tank Garage Winery works with WineDirect to keep its ecommerce site gorgeous and accurate. Every bottle looks flawless so customers see exactly the quality they will get from each product.

screen capture of the DTC ecom page of Tank Garage winery using WineDirect

Bottle shots in creative and fun emails

If you aren’t getting emails from Tank Garage Winery, don’t wait any longer. These are regarded as some of the most fun and sexy notes in the industry.

uniquely compelling examples of marketing emails from Tank Garage wine using graphics and bottle imagesDon't skimp on Product Shots for emails. This is one of a winery's most robust audience touch points.

Getting everything right

Outshinery helps bring product prototypes to life

Ed says that working with Outshinery is so easy. He and his team simply upload their label artwork to their Outshinery Studio account, click a few buttons, and within a few days, they receive the "world’s sexiest wine bottle shots!" (In his own words.)

Even cooler, Outshinery can deliver these images before Tank Garage bottles the liquid!

This in turn allows the wine team to prototype concepts and promote new releases further in advance than any traditional photography approach could.

5 unique bottle packaging of Tank Garage, photo by OutshineryThese bottles don't have to be in the same room at the same time for Outshinery to make the Product Lineup

Boosting fun and success

Demonstrating the enduring partnership between Outshinery and Tank Garage Winery, Ed was even a guest on Outshinery's acclaimed On the Spot sessions, sharing his proven strategies to delight customers with impeccable delivery. On camera, he shared firsthand how Outshinery revolutionized the game with assets that back his winery’s whimsical and enchanting product delivery.

Get a sense of what Ed and Tank Garage is all about!


Outshinery's unique solution to product photography, demonstrated through its partnership with Tank Garage Winery, has proven to be a game-changer for this one-of-a-kind producer. Working with the Outshinery team, Ed and crew have overcome marketing challenges, delivered reliable and efficient messaging to customers, and maintained the brand’s unique identity.

As the industry continues to evolve, embracing digital collateral with Outshinery will undoubtedly set brands apart, create memorable experiences for consumers, and drive success in a highly competitive market. Thanks to Ed at Tank Garage Winery helping share this story.

boombox wine gift box shipper for Tank Garage, pic by Outshinery"Never Dream Alone" is the best motto for Tank Garage, above a 6 bottle wine gift box like no other!

Case study takeaways

  • Outshinery offers a unique solution to product photography that revolutionized Tank Garage Winery’s marketing efforts.
  • Outshinery's scalable solutions enable Tank Garage Winery to respond to changes, driving sales and enhancing the brand experience.
  • Outshinery nailed a solution to the challenge of getting high-quality images that truly represent Tank Garage Winery.
  • Outshinery ensures consistency and quality in every image, reflecting the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the wines.
  • Tank Garge Winery breaks the limitations of traditional photography methods, saves money, and delivers agile marketing.
  • The visual identity created through Outshinery's services helps Tank Garge Winery stand out crowded market and capture tons of attention.
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