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Transform your online product copy to generate more sales.

Turn browsers into buyers with Outshinery's Ecommerce Copywriting. Increase the sell-through rate of your Direct-to-Consumer platform as well as retail and wine market listings.

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  • Effortlessly meet the requirements of ecommerce platforms
  • Maximize the potential of your product description
  • Take the pressure off without worrying about AI fabrications
  • Differentiate your brand on the competitive digital shelf

Ecommerce copy is your secret weapon

For shoppers, it's about finding one, two, or three reasons why your wine fits into their life right now. Though background information must be accessible when people need it, the words that drive a purchase must fit into their decision-making process immediately, without asking them to scroll or click away.

Ecommerce copy prioritizes brand awareness, consistency, and customer relevance. It's about the wine buyer, not the winery or vineyard, and a few words can make a big impact on purchase decision.

When it comes to content and marketing, we often think of copy as long-form blog posts, social shares, and newsletters. While those are essential tools for any winery, some of the most impactful copy for ecommerce sales is small in size but mighty in effect.

Penfolds website page with SEO-optimized ecommerce product copy from Outshinery
Penfolds website page with SEO-optimized ecommerce product copy from Outshinery

Enhance your online presence by meeting retailer parameters

Satisfy the requirements of top sales platforms to get your products in front of more customers.

retailer website page with optimized copywriting from Outshinery

"Our web copy was disjointed and poorly optimized. The Outshinery team whipped it into shape with punchy, consumer-first language that still conveys luxury and quality positioning. Great business partners across the board, we love working with the team."

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Anna Curtin
Creative Manager, Penfolds

86% of online consumers rely on digital information only, according to a recent study by Salisfy.

Position your brand for success on your DTC site and third-party platforms

  • Be “always open” in your ecommerce store

    Provide essential information to facilitate all-day sales. Use a clear call to action in your copy to ensure a seamless purchasing experience, and avoid requesting additional information via email. Provide the necessary details and allow customers to purchase effortlessly.

  • Ensure brand consistency

    While certain sections of your website, such as your blog, may allow for more elaborate descriptions of certain wines, each product should receive equal attention in terms of essential information. Maintain a uniform structure to avoid creating dissonance among shoppers. Avoid giving excessive attention to some wines while neglecting others.

  • Apply SEO principles

    Search engine optimization helps people find relevant sources when they look for information online. It's important for customers to discover products that meet their needs. For instance, if someone searches for "wines to pair with beef," including red meat as a pairing suggestion in your copy can help them find your page.

  • Get to the point!

    Keep your ecommerce copy simple and precise. It should focus on providing the information that shoppers need to make a purchase decision. Save the detailed history, team bios, and vineyard facts for other parts of your website. This will not only make it easier for shoppers to find what they need, but it will also make it simpler for your retail partners to promote your product.

Because we love to write about wine, we also offer:

  • Wine label romance copy (think back label)
  • Ghostwriting for blog or news articles
  • Landing page copy
  • Email language
  • PPC ads copy with keywords
  • Social media copy
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Gain a competitive edge with brief and memorable copy

Provide relevant descriptors in the required format and increase the chances of your products being featured and purchased on these platforms.

Eye-catching bottle visualStriking bottle renderingCrisp bottle photo
Premium wine bottle shot

Solar Sauvignon Blanc

Compelling short product description (<150 characters)
Zippy acidy and layers of citrus notes are perfect for fresh oysters
SEO-friendly long product description (≈ 300 characters)
With signature bright acidity and lively citrus flavors, this is the wine for fresh seafood. Crafted to offer a linear minerality and crisp fruit purity, Solar Sauvignon Blanc is food-friendly and thirst-quenching. Every year this is a wine club favorite, and it sells out quickly. 
5 assorted selling points
  • 93 points, Wine Standard
  • Made with organic grapes
  • Fans love the lean lemon notes
  • Enjoy refreshing herbal aromatics
  • Ready to drink on release
Sleek bottle image


Compelling short product description (<150 characters)
Bright and fresh with balanced acidity for all the summer fun
SEO-friendly long product description (≈ 300 characters)
Summer's favorite rosé and wine club favorite. Made in the direct press style from Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Syrah from our estate vineyards, this pale and crisp sipper has light fare and salads written all over it. Serve chilled and drink young and fresh.
5 assorted selling points
  • Made with organic grapes
  • A dry and refreshing rosé
  • Fans love the young strawberry notes
  • Perfect for veggie pizza
  • Ready to drink on release
Professional bottle photo

Cabernet Reserve

Compelling short product description (<150 characters)
Layers of aromatics and rich dark fruit flavors are a pair for rich meats
SEO-friendly long product description (≈ 300 characters)
With fine tannins characteristic of Oakville, this silky and complex reserve wine is served in some of Napa Valley's finest restaurants to pair with grilled, roasted, and braised red meats. Aged in new French Oak for 8 months, followed by two years of bottle aging, this is a collectible bottle that can last in the cellar.
5 assorted selling points
  • 50-year-old ancient vines
  • 97 points, Wine Standard
  • Peak drinking now - 2035
  • Signature dark fruit notes
  • Fans love the dried herbal notes

A few impactful words can make all the difference in a purchase decision, so don't underestimate the power of concise copy.

Taking this a step further, it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it, and how the message fits in a complex, ever-changing, basically unseen pattern driven by algorithms and platform functionality.

  • Did you know that the number of words in your product titles and descriptions makes a difference in best-selling rankings online?
  • Are you aware that third-party platforms constantly change their requirements? (We found out that Target made changes 180 times in 2020 alone!)
  • In today’s algorithm-driven world, better content means more sales (that much is obvious). But think a step further: more sales earn a higher search placement too.
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About Outshinery's content leader

Jill is Outshinery's accomplished content editor and writer-in-residence. With a wealth of experience as a professional writer, internationally-published journalist, and communications specialist for the wine industry, Jill is an expert in ecommerce copy, winery romance writing, label language, and communication strategy. As the leader of our communications team, she brings her exceptional skills to every project she works on.

Jill, Writer-in-Residence, Outshinery

Meet ecommerce retailer requirements

  • Provide useful info in a noisy virtual sales environment

    Optimize your ecommerce listings by providing relevant information in the required fields. Focus on the key selling points that matter most to consumers, such as food pairings, brief profile descriptions, and accolades.

  • Ensure compliance with partner platform requirements

    Some of today’s most influential retailers are suggesting fines for non-compliance with parameters. Wine brands are accustomed to a regulated sales environment, but this new landscape puts modern pressure to also provide exact information to third-party sellers.

  • Don’t rely on generative AI to make your brand stand out

    Everyone is talking about copy written by AI. While it’s certainly something you shouldn't ignore, it’s also not a tool that can do the job of qualified communicators. Sure, we use ChatGPT like everyone else, so we know the limits and understand the benefits and pitfalls of these tools to the alcoholic beverage industry.

  • Be brief but don’t neglect the point of view

    AI is great for pushing out information that’s already known (like answers to the math portion of the SAT) but it’s much less effective when it comes to comprehension and language. When you’ve only got a few seconds to attract a new customer, don’t put the wrong few words in front of them and neglect the customer journey entirely.

"Jill and the Outshinery team step-changed our e-commerce presence with compelling, consumer-first, succinct copy. And they did it across hundreds of products in record speed."

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Google 5 stars
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Let us answer your questions.
How can we help you today?
How does Outshinery’s ecommerce copy service work?

We’ve developed a digital system that allows you to provide us with certain basic information about each of your products. After you’ve submitted that information, our team will provide a harmonious and consistent set of product descriptions and selling points that you can use to populate your DTC site or provide to third-party vendors such as your distributor, retail platforms, or other partners. These will work together to paint an overall picture of your portfolio while meanwhile working as stand-alone reckonings of your SKUs.

What makes this different from my tech sheets?

This is consumer-focused communication. This copy doesn’t ask your customers to do anything, click elsewhere, download something, or otherwise exert themselves. It provides at-a-glance information that conforms with shopping patterns that people apply for purchasing other products online such as groceries, pet supplies, and beauty products. Can you imagine being asked to click into a PDF to buy cat litter? You wouldn’t do it.

Although we all consider wine more interesting than cat litter, this copy supplies the direct link between your product and purchasing action that people employ online now. Ecommerce copy doesn’t replace tech sheets, romance language, and other information you need to run your business and sell wine — it’s one more arrow in your quiver in a changing digital environment.

How much does it cost?

One Shine Credit purchases long and short product description, SEO-friendly long copy, plus five selling points per SKU requested.

How do I get started?

Email us at We will supply a Google Sheet with fields for you to provide information on each wine. We’ll use that sheet to create the copy for each SKU that meets the standards described above.