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Product Lineups

Your complete range, in one easy shot.

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  • Designed to establish a strong brand identity
  • Get vertical and horizontal formats for max flexibility
  • Choose from seasonal and evergreen settings
  • Perfect to include copy (when displaying less SKUs)

Show off the versatility of your portfolio

Product Lineups are designed to display multiple bottles at once (up to 8). They speak to a scope of tastes and occasions to appeal to your customers.

Add in a bit of messaging

Choose to display less products to leave room on the side. It's the perfect solution to share a branded message with your audience, or to make an ad!

Don’t want abandoned carts? Nearly half of people will click away if your product images aren’t relevant.

Horizontal format is perfect for banners and websites

When clients visit or click-through to your home page, wake them up with a Product Lineup that encourages browsing and shopping.

Need square crop for social media? Product Lineup can do that

In 2023, global social media users are expected to reach nearly 3.43 billion, according to Statista. Be ready to meet them all!
"Outshinery has greatly improved the quality of content for our Social Media and Ecomm channels. Our engagement is instantly more professional and meaningful, as consumers are driven by imagery much more than copy. The team is delightful to work with, turnaround is quick, and process as a whole is seamless. Highly recommend!"
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Don’t see the right Product Lineup background?

We are open to your ideas. Send us an email and let us know what you need. We'll do our best to make it happen!
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Let us answer your questions.

Are there more options to show off my portfolio?

When you browse the Outshinery Market, you can choose to search for Lifestyle Images that include multiple bottles. Simply hit the dropdown on the left side of the screen and find options for up to 8 bottles.

Why do I need a Product Shot first?

Getting your standard Product Shot is like casting the right actor for your film — she’s essential to everything that comes after. Once you’ve found her, the rest of the movie falls into place around her, like a set. Without the actor the set is a bit empty!

It’s the same thing with your Product Shots! They are the “actors” in your imagery. Once we’ve created your bottle image with the perfect product color, paper texture, and other finishes, it’s ready to be placed into your Product Lineup.

How do I get started?

Hey! It’s music to our ears that you want to get moving with Outshinery. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.