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Display the entirety of your brand portfolio with maximum impact

Elevate your bottle range with curated Product Lineups. Enhance your presentation and make it easier for customers to see what you offer!

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  • Establish a strong brand identity in your category
  • Get vertical and horizontal formats for max flexibility
  • Choose from many options, seasonal and evergreen
  • Ideal for ecommerce banners, emails, and websites

Showcase your complete product line with an attractive display

High-quality lineups are a great way for leading brands to stand out. These are designed to beautifully showcase up to 8 bottles at a time and cater to a range of tastes, styles, and occasions.

Use lineups to showcase your popular and new drinks and ramp up the excitement!

a lineup of Pinot Noir bottles in front of a Christmas tree

Use Product Lineups to promote special offers or discounts

You can feature Product Lineups on your website or blog. They are also highly effective for email campaigns or wine club newsletters to drive more engagement.

It's a small change that can greatly impact the bottom line and overall perception of your company and brand!

Example of a winery gift card using a Product Lineup by Outshinery

Reduce abandoned carts: Nearly half of buyers will click away if your product images don't fit the bill.

Horizontal Product Lineups are perfect for websites and banner ads

Grab your audience's attention from the get-go with an inviting Product Lineup featured on your company's home page. Encourage clickthroughs and enhance the shopping experience by showcasing what customers can discover by browsing on your site.

Winery website using an Outshinery Product Lineup

Need a square format for social media? You’re covered with Product Lineups

Social media is where your customers are. According to Statista, there will be more than 3.43 billion users in 2023, so delivering the perfect posts has become more crucial than ever.

You don’t have to create content on your own. Get stunning square format assets that are proven to garner attention.

Cropped bottle lineup with fireworks

Ready to make a lasting impression? Instantly establish a powerful brand presence that leaves a lasting impact.

Excel in your product category by using visual content that not only stands out but also deeply resonates with your target audience. Your brand should embody the very essence of what you provide, setting you apart from the competition.

moody 3 premium red wine bottles on a wooden table outdoor

Outshinery has greatly improved the quality of content for our social media and ecomm channels. Our engagement is instantly more professional and meaningful, as consumers are driven by imagery much more than copy. The team is delightful to work with, turnaround is quick, and process as a whole is seamless. Highly recommend!

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According to Outshinery, what does the term "Product Lineup" mean?

A Product Lineup, as defined by Outshinery, refers to a digital visualization that showcases a series of your products displayed side by side. This visualization aims to provide a clear and captivating representation of your entire product range or a specific collection, presenting the unique offerings within your brand.

The purpose of a Product Lineup is to facilitate comparison, highlight the diversity of your product portfolio, and offer a cohesive visual representation of your brand. This is particularly impactful for online shopping experiences, where customers cannot physically interact with your products.

It's important to note that the creation of a Product Lineup requires individual digital product shots. We can either utilize your existing assets or create new ones for you. Rest assured, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Can I request a specific layout for my Product Lineup image?

Certainly, you can request a specific arrangement for your Product Lineup photo. However, please note that Outshinery has predefined arrangements/layouts for Product Lineups. If you choose to display fewer products than the maximum indicated for a particular layout, you can specify where in the scene you would like the products featured - whether it's more on the left, right, or centered.

For more intricate layouts and greater flexibility, we highly recommend exploring our Group Shots service. This will allow for more creative arrangements and provide the opportunity to truly customize the visualization to match your brand's unique style and requirements.

What distinguishes Outshinery's Product Lineups from Group Shots?

Outshinery's Product Lineups and Group Shots are meticulously crafted to showcase your products in a visually captivating manner. However, they serve distinct purposes and offer varying degrees of customization.

A Product Lineup presents an array of your products side by side, ideal for showcasing your full range or a specific collection. It delivers a cohesive and organized aesthetic, enabling customers to easily compare products and appreciate the breadth of your brand's offerings.

On the other hand, Group Shots provide greater creative flexibility. They allow for diverse layouts, angles, and perspectives, and can incorporate props and backgrounds to create dynamic and narrative images. Group Shots excel at storytelling, highlighting product features, and capturing the essence of your brand in a visually engaging way.

In essence, Product Lineups focus on structure and comparison, while Group Shots thrive on creativity and storytelling. Both are potent tools that can strategically enhance your brand's visual presentation.

What are the most effective ways to utilize Product Lineup photos to enhance my marketing strategy?

Product photos can be a powerful asset in your marketing arsenal, enhancing your brand's storytelling and driving customer engagement. Here are some effective ways to utilize them:

Website: Utilize product lineup photos on your website to showcase the breadth of your offerings. They provide a quick and visual representation of your product range, making it easy for visitors to grasp what you have to offer.

Social Media: Share your product lineup photos on social media platforms to attract followers and engage your audience. They are highly shareable content that can increase your brand's visibility and reach.

Email Marketing: Include product lineup photos in your emails to provide value to your subscribers and keep them informed about your latest products.

Paid Advertising: Incorporate product lineup photos into your online ads. High-quality visuals can boost the click-through rate and conversions of your ads.

Sales Presentations: Integrate product lineup photos into your presentations to make a strong visual impact and leave a lasting impression on potential clients or investors.

Remember, consistency is crucial in brand messaging. Ensure that you use your product lineup photos across all your marketing platforms to deliver a consistent brand experience. By strategically leveraging Outshinery's product lineup photos, you can effectively communicate your brand's unique value proposition, engage your target audience, and amplify your marketing efforts.

What is the pricing for a Product Lineup photo by Outshinery?

A Product Lineup photo from Outshinery is priced at 2 Shine Credits. At Outshinery, Shine Credits serve as our currency, representing the value of our services. Each Shine Credit can be exchanged for specific services on our platform. For more information about Shine Credits and how to use them, please visit our pricing page.

What is the typical turnaround time for Outshinery to create a Product Lineup photo?

At Outshinery, we strive to deliver your Product Lineup photo efficiently and precisely. Our standard turnaround time ranges from 3 to 5 business days once your request is placed. However, if your lineup includes products that we haven't created 3D renderings for before, the process may take a little longer. In these cases, we need to produce individual bottle shots for the new products.

Please rest assured that our dedicated team is committed to delivering your Product Lineup as swiftly as possible without compromising on the quality and accuracy of the renderings.

Is it possible to obtain Product Lineup photos in various settings or backgrounds?

Absolutely! With Outshinery, you'll find an abundance of options to choose from for your Product Lineup photos. Inside our app, Studio, you can select from a wide range of settings and backgrounds available in the Outshinery Market. We strive to offer a diverse array of choices that cater to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

To keep things fresh and exciting, we continuously add new Product Lineup options to our market every month. Your input is highly valued, and we encourage suggestions for future offerings. This allows us to continually evolve and provide an ever-growing selection of high-quality, digital photography options that truly make your product shine.

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