Written by

Jill Barth


March 4, 2021

A panel conversation revealing what people want in a digital experience. With Amber LeBeau and Hardy Wallace.

Drinking wine while everything’s online (until it’s not). An exploration of virtual events.

We are balanced between life in lockdown and the possibility of post-COVID freedom. This panel conversation is for wineries that want to take advantage of virtual experiences they can offer their customers.

With guests:

Amber LeBeau

The tells-it-like-it-is data gatherer that helps the wine industry understand “the mindset of people looking for virtual events.”

Spitbucket.net and VirtualWineEvents.com

Hardy Wallace

The magnetic, tie-dye t-shirt clad guy that makes wine to “ease the soul” of his customers. 

Dirty & Rowdy Family Wines

Meet the panel and watch the replay.

Elegant Night Out Collection

Scenes depicting a night out with an elegant and refined mood, dining and drinking with friends or on a date.

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