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“On The Spot”

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Real talk with wine industry pros

Listen in on perspective from wine industry professionals. Join Outshinery for free on Facebook Live to learn what wineries, wine marketers, and ecommerce teams are talking about in 2020.

We put the pros “On the Spot” to help you get on-point perspective to run your business, sell more wine, and be more in tune to what your audience needs in 2020 and beyond.

Join Outshinery’s Facebook Live chats with wine industry experts, check Outshinery’s Facebook page for schedule updates.

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Past events

Week 1 (April 15)

Megan DeCicco, Solutions on 2nd LLC

“Re-evaluate your messaging for relevance and sensitivity. Consumers need to be met where they are at this moment in time.”

Episode resources:

Week 2 (April 22)

Reka Haros, Reframe Wine

“Share of voice.”

Episode resources:

Week 3 (April 29)

Simon Solis-Cohen, Highway 29 Creative

“Use Food Pairings & Lifestyle To Market Your Wine”

Episode resources:

Week 4 (May 6)

Ben Salisbury, Salisbury Creative Group

“Why evolution is essential “

Episode resources:

Week 5 (May 13)

John Lawlor, Label Analytics

How to leverage your label”

Episode resources:

  • Replay link
  • Label Analytics CEO, John Lawlor, is launching a series of workshops that will explore how wineries of all sizes and budgets can turn their existing labels into marketing gold. Subscribe here to be on John’s guest list.
  • Video: ​How does retail price factor into Label Analytics’ research? 

    Week 6 (May 20)

    Ed Feuchuk, Tank Garage Winery

    How to delight customers with your delivery

    Episode resources:

    Week 7 (May 27)

    Jill Barth, wine writer and Outshinery writer-in-residence

    How to increase PR coverage for your winery

    Episode resources:

      Week 8 (June 3)

      James King, King Family Vineyards

      All about creative packaging

      Episode resources:

      Week 10 (June 16)

      Natasha Hays, Wine Marketing Consultant

      How to take off your winery hat and think like a consumer.

      Episode resources:


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