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How to make your holiday email marketing shine

With the power of email marketing, you can drive sales, engage your customers, and build brand loyalty.

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Are you ready to make this holiday season your most successful one yet? When it comes to creating captivating content, reaching your customers via email is one of the most trusted communication methods. Here’s how to get started and plan for success for your alcohol brand.

Impact of email marketing

  • Email generates an impressive $38 for every $1 spent, making it one of the most cost-effective marketing channels out there.
  • Nearly 60% of people say that emails influence their buying decisions, one of the most powerful tools for driving sales.
  • In the past year, 78% of marketers have reported an increase in email engagement, proving its continued relevance and effectiveness.

Wrap up your holiday email marketing campaign 

Your email list is a treasure trove of loyal customers who are eager to hear from you. They have willingly shared their contact information with the expectation that you'll keep them informed and engaged. In these times when physical visits to tasting rooms may be limited, email becomes an even more vital tool for connecting with your audience.

To help you make the most of your email marketing efforts in 2023, we turn to the expertise of Outshinery’s founder Laurie and Adrienne Stillman from WineDirect. In their enlightening live discussion, they emphasize the significance of email marketing for wineries like yours.

Laurie and Adrienne share valuable insights on why email is crucial right now and how to make it relevant, meaningful, and interesting. They dive into effective strategies for engaging your audience, sharing stories, and creating captivating content that resonates with your subscribers.

Outshinery: Like elves in your workshop

At Outshinery, we understand the importance of visually compelling content to complement your email campaigns. Our high-quality product photography services have helped wineries, breweries, and distilleries like yours strengthen their brand presence and drive sales. From capturing the unique qualities of each bottle to conveying the essence of your brand, our experienced team ensures that every image tells your story.

As you craft your email marketing strategy for 2023, let Outshinery be your partner in elevating your visual content. Choose from a collection of over 500 stunning, holiday-themed Lifestyle Images that capture the attention of your subscribers and depict your products with the spirit of the season. You can also get Product Videos (proven to earn over 90% positive ROI), Beauty Shots that show off your label, Recipe Pairings with holiday themes (like a gift in their inbox), and plenty more solutions.

Remember, your email list is filled with eager customers who want to be the first to know about your latest offerings, stories, and special moments. Let's make sure your emails stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Gift Box Shot with 3 bottles

Be the most desired gift of the season

Gift Box Shots are fully customizable gifting-inspired images that display packaging of any material or shape, capture closed and open views, and position your wine as the perfect gift.
Customize Gift Box Shots for your products

In conclusion

At Outshinery, we are dedicated to helping wineries, breweries, and distilleries like yours strengthen brand presence and drive sales through high-quality product photography. Our experienced team knows how to capture the unique qualities of each bottle and convey the essence of your brand, ensuring that every image tells your story. 

As you build your email marketing strategy for 2023, let Outshinery be your trusted partner in elevating your visual content. Explore all the ways to enhance your email campaigns and make sure your emails stand out, leaving a lasting impression on your loyal and potential customers.

With Outshinery, every picture tells your holiday story. Let’s get yours out to more customers and sell more wine!

Key takeaways

  • Email marketing is a highly effective tool, generating a high return on investment and influencing buying decisions for nearly 60% of people.
  • Outshinery's Lifestyle Images evoke emotions and drive engagement with warm and inviting winter and seasonal themes.
  • The holiday season is an opportune time to leverage email marketing, with "Cyber Week" accounting for a significant portion of retail sales.
  • VIDEO | Laurie and Adrienne Stillman from WineDirect emphasize the importance of email and provide insights on making it relevant, meaningful, and interesting.
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