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How King Family Vineyards converts lookers into buyers

How King Family Vineyards converts lookers into buyers

What if visual content that sells was simple?

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What if there was a better way to access dazzling imagery than traditional product photography?

Most of Outshinery’s customers come to us because something about their images and videos isn’t working – their visuals don’t translate to sales. Those were the circumstances James King, co-owner of King Family Vineyards, found himself in when he came to us for new bottle shots and lifestyle images. For James the results were clear.

“The spike in sales (over 4 times our average!) proved to me that Outshinery’s services have an immediate and powerful effect on our bottom line.”
James King at the winery
James King, co-owner at King Family Vineyards, VA

The Challenge

King Family Vineyards used to struggle with prompt, consistent, affordable and high-quality bottle shots. Photography logistics were a nightmare and there was a lot of anguish around whether subpar images would reflect the value of their products to customers. After all, the human brain can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds and studies show that 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key factor in a purchasing decision.

Would YOU trust an online store that failed to properly photograph their products?!?

Since James had to use different photographers in the past, it caused many visual inconsistencies from bottle shot to bottle shot. What’s more, there was often a considerable lag between the time a product was available for sale and when its photo was available. This process was expensive in more ways than one, “things that take too much time are too costly in my mind,” says James. That was until he discovered Outshinery, and everything changed! James’ entrepreneurial spirit and a newsletter from WineDirect was all it took for him to try out Outshinery.

Outshinery is capable of producing Bottle Shots, Lifestyle Images and Product Videos without the need for physical bottles, and is much faster than traditional photography. “Inefficiencies are incredibly frustrating and there is always a better way to do something,” says James, “so when I first watched the YouTube video of how Outshinery creates bottle shots I was blown away. I thought to myself, ‘Man, if they could do this for us, think of how much time and money we’ll save!” Outshinery offered a solution that could bring him closer to his dream… So James took the plunge!

example of a lifestyle image by Outshinery
Example of a Lifestyle Image created by Outshinery; executed under 2 days, without the need for physical samples.

How Outshinery solved the challenge

1. produce bottle shots that reflect the quality of the wine.

James took up Outshinery’s offer to try the service with a free test order. No strings attached.

“I was surprised that Outshinery was able to create a product photo so quickly. The turn-around time was less than 12 hours, and the quality was so high! I knew instantly that it was a service we’d move forward with and begin using immediately.”

James was immediately excited by the power of Outshinery’s bottle shots: “my images can be consistent every single time and even be ready before our wine is even bottled!” He can capitalize on the fact that consumers’ attention naturally gravitates to the quickest way to gather information: images. Ready to invest in quality imagery, James opted to purchase a 50 Shine Credit package. (Outshinery works off a simple credit-based model. One image = One Shine Credit. Of course, the more credits you order, the cheaper it gets! More info here.) 50 Shine Credits seemed like the perfect amount to cover King Family Vineyards’ needs for the year ahead. It will include consistent Bottle Shots for their large portfolio, and extra brand assets (Lifestyle Images & Product Videos) to ramp up their marketing efforts as they see fit in the upcoming months.

before and after bottle shot
What is the ROI on Outshinery imagery? How does it compare to traditional product photography?

Looking at costs, Outshinery is a further no-brainer. “We ended up paying around $208 per bottle with our previous traditional photographer. That was for the photo itself plus the labor it took to photoshop. With Outshinery, it only cost us $69.99 per bottle, without needing to ship any product,” James shares. This cost savings is also bringing him one step closer to his King Family Vineyards dream.

2. Create lifestyle images that boost emotional engagement and sales

In-context or Lifestyle Images show your product being used in its intended environment or alongside complementary products. They help potential customers to visualize your wine in their own lives and alleviate the frustration of not being able to touch, feel, or try out, your product.

In-context photography showcases your product being used in various settings and contexts. As a result, these images engage viewers, convert better and boost the lifetime value of your customers. It can also be lots of fun, since it’s a chance for you to be creative and sell more than your product. Lifestyle Images sell your brand.

For James, the proof is literally in the Christmas pudding! With the holiday season just around the corner, he wanted to observe the power of Lifestyle Images himself. Posting two Christmas-themed Lifestyle Images on social media in mid- and late-December, he observed first hand a significant sales increase. “There is literally a huge spike on the sales graph on both days that we posted those two particular shots,” he observes. Both Lifestyle Images encapsulate the spirit of the Christmas season. King Family’s wines are suggested as the perfect present and/or ideal pairing for this special time of the year.

The results?

  • 4x sales increase in December
  • Best-selling performance to date for Seven Port
  • 30x ROI on imagery for the winery
King Family sales dashboard

“The quality of the images and how it overall enhanced the quality of the promotion, translated in an increase of sales on those particular days. It proved to me that Outshinery’s services have an immediate and powerful effect on our bottom line,” says James. Lifestyle Images tell a bigger story, and are best suited for social media, blog posts, emails, and other marketing channels at the top of your conversion funnel. They play a critical part in online purchasing decisions, or the reasoning behind a winery visit.

“I am excited to see what new Lifestyle shots we can use on our website and social media outlets. And I’m excited to see more spikes in sales on our sales graphs. Outshinery has turned something that used to be a chore into something that’s fun to do! That’s impressive and powerful.”

Thanks to Outshinery’s cutting-edge digital service, James no longer struggles with subpar visual content. Instead, he is unlocking the superpower of images by focusing on marketing campaigns that convert by letting Outshinery take care of everything visual. “Truly, in terms of saving time, money, and effort, using Outshinery is a no-brainer,” says James, “Bonus point: the Outshinery team is incredibly responsive and nice to work with!” (a sentiment shared by many…)

Learnings & takeaways

  • 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual. Images are the first to grab attention and drastically increase conversion.
  • Your product photos provide prospective customers a virtual window into your business. They instill trust, and invite customers to take a further look.
  • Lifestyle Images (in-context photos) boost emotional engagement and sales. There is no doubt about it: quality visual content sells. Stand out with polished, consistent images across your product pages and marketing channels. Place images at the helm of your brand to form long-term relationships with your customers. Sell more
professional and precise wine bottle photography by Outshinery

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