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Tips for designing your beverage brand

Tips for designing your beverage brand

Hear from Outshinery’s founder Laurie on the Legends Behind the Craft podcast

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Outshinery founder Laurie Millotte was recently featured on the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, hosted by Drew Hendricks. This episode explores the keys to designing your beverage brand.

“Laurie takes us behind the scenes to explore how her company uses technology to design labels and high-end marketing media. Laurie also shares her expert tips on shaping your brand, understanding your audience, and creating the best website possible. If you’re interested in artistically scaling your craft beverage company, this episode is for you!”
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Curious about the conversation? Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll learn:

  • Laurie shares how she got into graphic design and branding in the wine industry
  • Behind the scenes at Outshinery and hear how Laurie scaled her work
  • How can you create connections with potential clients through your website?
  • Challenges suppliers might face in 2021 — and how to work through them
  • Laurie shares some of her favorite software, tools, and resources

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Visuals account for 93% of consumer purchasing decisions, and with Outshinery by your side, you're empowered to create an emotional connection that will transport your bottles onto everyone's sipping wishlist.

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Harness the expertise that Laurie brought to the Legends Behind the Craft podcast directly into your marketing arsenal. Challenges won't stand a chance as you're equipped with insider knowledge and tools that set benchmarks within the industry.

If you're committed to artistically scaling your craft beverage company, let Outshinery illuminate the path. Start creating impactful and memorable brand experiences that resonate with consumers worldwide.

Begin your journey to redefining brand excellence today. Tap into Outshinery's treasure trove of free resources and let your brand narrative unfold visually. Illuminate, captivate, and elevate—these can be the hallmarks of your product story.

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