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Introducing the talented team behind the screen at Outshinery

Introducing the talented team behind the screen at Outshinery

Learn the secrets of creating impeccable product content through the power of teamwork!

photographer taking in a vineyard before a photoshoot
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Outshinery takes pride in delivering top-notch product imagery services for wineries, breweries, distilleries, and the beverage industry. Ever wondered what it takes to create those flawless images? Let's dive into the behind-the-scenes magic!

Our exceptional team, led by founder Laurie Millotte, consists of highly skilled professionals from around the globe. With the expertise of our talented 3D artists and designers, combined with cutting-edge 3D rendering technology, we bring your vision to life with stunningly realistic and visually captivating images.

Our global experts, located across different time zones and fluent in multiple languages, contribute diverse backgrounds and expertise to ensure that every image we create is a masterpiece that resonates with your audience and elevates your brand.

Collaboration and teamwork are at the core of our success, and we believe we have the best team in the business.


  • Collaboration is essential: A team of talented professionals, including photographers, food stylists, recipe writers, models, and cookbook authors, work together to create captivating images.
  • Expertise in 3D art and design: Skilled CGI artists and designers utilize cutting-edge technology to bring products to life.
  • Efficient workflow: Despite multiple contributors, a highly efficient workflow ensures timely delivery without compromising quality.
  • Customized service: Each image is tailor-made to meet the client's specific needs and brand identity, resulting in unique and engaging content.
  • Revolutionizing product photography: Outshinery goes beyond traditional photography, reinventing industries' perception and use of product photography.

A better way for product content creation, meet Outshinery's founder

Laurie Millotte, an innovative packaging designer

The heart and soul of Outshinery's innovative journey, our founder, is a visionary who recognized the transformative power of blending technology with creative artistry. Laurie Millotte is an award-winning designer who got frustrated by lackluster visuals that failed to capture the essence of her clients' products, Laurie sought inspiration from the lifelike dinosaurs in the Jurassic World movie. This sparked her revolutionary idea to transform product photography in the wine industry.

3 bottles of wine (red, rosé and white) photographed by Outshinery using 3D

From inspiration to innovation

Thus, Outshinery was born—an innovative company harnessing the power of photorealistic 3D technology to create striking images of alcohol packaging. Going beyond traditional photography, Outshinery offers a comprehensive range of services, from bottle shots to lifestyle images and captivating product videos.

What started as a website built during the Christmas holidays has now grown into a global service, catering to nearly 3,000 brands. Outshinery's promise is simple yet powerful—flawless imagery that drives sales. Laurie's pioneering approach has earned acclaim and attracted renowned wineries like Penfolds, Kendall Jackson Family Wines, Treasury Premium Brands, and Duckhorn Portfolio.

flatlay Penfdolds bottle seen from above with drop shadow and caustic, entirely done with a CGI software

Making a difference with the support of a dedicated team

Driven by a commitment to make a difference, Laurie ensures that 2% of Outshinery's profits are donated to WaterAid Canada, a non-profit organization.

Of course, Laurie doesn't accomplish all this alone. It's time to introduce the dedicated team behind the scenes who help bring this vision to life.

Crafting pixel-perfect imagery, meet the 3D artists behind the magic

Amazing CGI skills combined with creativity and a passion for perfection

The 3D artists at Outshinery possess extraordinary skills in creating flawless computer-generated images (CGI). With a blend of remarkable CGI expertise, boundless creativity, and an unwavering pursuit of perfection, this team excels at capturing the essence of products. Going beyond mere photography, our craft is an art form executed with meticulous precision.

Utilizing cutting-edge software, our visionary artists sculpt, texture, and illuminate each product, ensuring that every image exudes depth, realism, and irresistible charm. An unwavering commitment to excellence sets the bar high, guaranteeing that each visual produced is not a mere photograph, but a captivating storytelling piece that resonates with the essence of our clients' brands. With dedicated leadership and foresight, Outshinery is empowered to revolutionize product photography, creating images that are as exquisite as they are impactful.

step by step build of a liquor bottle in 3D app

Visual artistry meets highly-specialized beverage expertise

In the realm of the beverage industry, visual artistry becomes an intricate craft, where the allure of the product must be immediately communicated. At Outshinery, this is accomplished through a harmonious fusion of tech-driven visualization and an acute understanding of our clients' unique beverages. Our CGI team possesses specialized knowledge of the beverage world, enabling them to authentically depict the subtle textures, vibrant colors of liquids, reflections on glass, and intricate details of label designs.

Our artists are not only experts in 3D technology; they stay up to date with the latest industry innovations, may it be in terms of closures, new paper stock releases or the launch of new bottle shapes to just name a few. With a finger on the pulse when it comes to everything packaging, Outshinery is at the cutting edge so that no matter the physical innovation of suppliers around the world, we can make it happen in a 3D environment.

spritzed refreshing bottle of Sauvignon Blanc tilted in a green environment

Combining digital technology with a real-life approach

True magic happens when Outshinery seamlessly combines digital technology with a real-life approach. Our 3D virtual studio, coupled with artfully directed IRL photoshoots by our creative director, photographer, and stylist, ensures consistency in style, color palettes, and aesthetics. This harmonious collaboration guarantees that each image captivates the eye while seamlessly embodying your brand story.

camera in front of vineyards, preparing for a photo shoot outdoors for Outshinery

Helping alcohol brands shine in a saturated market, meet the talented creatives collaborating with 3D

Providing the best to its clients through forward-thinking art direction

Our creative director, Karen, stays abreast of trends across various product categories, sparing alcohol brands the burden of creative heavy lifting. We transcend the conventional clichés of wine and spirits, reimagining outdated tropes like grapes and cheese on a barrel.

With a discerning eye for visual storytelling, our creative director breathes life into each brand's ethos and narrative, capturing their essence through captivating imagery. Furthermore, she tirelessly scouts talented individuals, such as photographers and prop stylists, regardless of their location, to transform her vision into reality.

photorealistic image combining both real-life photo and CGI (wine bottle + wine glass)

Collaborating with photographers and stylists for on-location shoots

At Outshinery, we believe in the power of collaboration with photographers and stylists to create captivating on-location shoots. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, we orchestrate scenes that not only reflect your brand's image and target audience but also tell a compelling story.

Our pre-designed imagery, also known as Lifestyle Images, is a harmonious blend of realism and inspiration, designed to ignite the consumer's imagination. Each photo shoot is carefully curated, often planned months in advance. Our team of talented food stylists and models adds an extra layer of authenticity and appeal, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Our photographers, true artists of the craft, masterfully craft the perfect lighting and composition. Our stylists meticulously curate and arrange props, food, and drinks for a flawless presentation. Additionally, we collaborate with professional models who bring life and personality to our images, ensuring your products are showcased in a relatable and engaging manner.

photographer and prop stylist styling a photoshoot to get the perfect images!

Developing food pairings and creating custom recipes that whet the appetite

When it comes to food and drinks, it's a well-known fact that the combination of wine and food is a winning formula. Wine pairing suggestions have proven to be an effective SEO approach for driving traffic to your website and building awareness.

A carefully curated photo of your product in the perfect setting has the power to evoke the senses. Our recipe developers and specialized food stylists are masters at creating gastronomic spectacles that tantalize taste buds through the lens. Each composition emphasizes the harmony between your beverages and the culinary world, inviting your audience to indulge in a complete taste experience.

An image paired with a captivating story leaves a lasting impression. Our professional recipe writers craft engaging narratives that seamlessly weave together the essence of your products with curated culinary creations. These narratives encourage enthusiasts to explore and savor the unique flavors.

Our dedicated recipe writers create mouthwatering descriptions and instructions that will leave your audience craving more.

appetizing plate with steak tartare accompanied with a custom recipe meant to be paired with wine from Outshinery

In conclusion

Outshinery goes beyond being a mere photography service. Our remarkable product images are the outcome of a collaborative effort by our team of skilled professionals who are passionate about creating the perfect visual representation for your brand. We strongly believe in the power of visual storytelling and its profound impact on your brand's success. From meticulous planning to the final touch-ups, each step is carefully calculated and executed with the unique needs of our industry in mind.

The result? Exceptional, captivating, and impactful imagery that distinguishes you in the competitive beverage industry. Discover the Outshinery difference today, because your product deserves to shine in the spotlight.

PS: Curious to see the faces behind the innovation? Dive into our “About us” page to meet the dynamic team driving our success.

red blend next to delicious sticky ribs, custom recipe pairing by Outshinery

Enhance your wine's appeal with the perfect culinary pairing.

Share delicious Recipe Pairings that perfectly complement your favorite wines. Whether you're running a wine club, managing a blog, or engaging on social media, these combinations will captivate your followers and leave them craving more culinary inspiration.
Take your content to the next level

Key takeaways

Pioneering visual representation

Outshinery leads with innovative 3D technology and a keen eye for current industry trends, providing unparalleled visuals that celebrate your unique brand and product offerings.

Artful collaboration

We harness the synergy of our in-house CGI experts, creative directors, photographers, stylists, and recipe writers to forge images that not only stand out but also tell your brand’s compelling story.

Expertise in the beverage world

Our professionals possess a deep understanding of the beverage industry, translating into genuine, appealing visual narratives that resonate with your target audience and reinforce your brand’s presence.

Bespoke imagery

From Lifestyle Images to custom recipes, we curate every detail to create a sensory experience that entices and engages consumers, encouraging them to explore and savor your products.

Driving brand success

Outshinery's dedicated approach to crafting impactful imagery is more than aesthetic—it is about empowering your brand to thrive in a competitive market, ensuring your products are not just seen, but remembered and sought after.

Discover how Outshinery's creative edge can elevate your brand—because when it comes to making an impression in the beverage industry, we believe your products deserve the very best.

portfolio group shot of wine bottles in a minimalistic peach environment with concrete bricks

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Outshinery's approach unique?

Outshinery combines the power of 3D technology with traditional creative expertise, enabling us to create innovative, trend-setting visuals while maintaining the narrative soul of your brand. This unique blend ensures that every image is not only eye-catching but also tells a compelling story.

How do Outshinery's services help my brand stand out?

Our team of CGI experts, creative directors, photographers, and stylists work together to produce bespoke images that capture your brand's essence. Outshinery's focus on artful collaboration and understanding of industry trends ensures that your visuals resonate with your audience and make an indelible mark in a crowded marketplace.

behind-the-scenes: the 3D software into which the environment is created from scratch entirely virtually

Can Outshinery work with my existing marketing strategy?

Absolutely. Our approach is entirely collaborative, and we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate seamlessly with your current marketing initiatives, amplifying and enhancing your brand's narrative with our standout visuals.

How does Outshinery ensure the final images reflect my brand?

Our creative process is interactive and client-focused. We take the time to understand your brand's story, values, and audience. Each image is meticulously planned and reviewed in collaboration with you to ensure that the final product perfectly aligns with your vision.

What is the turnaround time for Outshinery's imagery services?

Project timelines can vary depending on complexity and your specific needs. However, we are known for our efficiency and ability to deliver high-quality results within your required timeframe. Contact us for a more accurate estimate based on your project details.

Are Outshinery's images optimized for digital and print?

Yes, all of our images are created to meet the highest standards, ensuring they are suitable for both digital and print media. We provide you with versatile, high-resolution imagery that makes an impact across all platforms.

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How can Outshinery transform your brand?

  • Outshinery is faster and easier than hiring a photographer.
  • Never worry about hidden fees with transparent pricing.
  • Boost your sales conversion rates with high-quality content.
  • Rest assured that you have a committed partner for the long run.
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