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Navigating the new E.U. wine label requirements with Bottlebooks e-label solution

Navigating the new E.U. wine label requirements with Bottlebooks e-label solution

Here’s how to comply with the changes to the European Union Common Agriculture Policy

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If you sell or make wine in the European Union, there are new labeling rules on the way.  Fortunately, you’ve got a solution. E-labels by Bottlebooks are affordable and easy to use. If you don’t sell wine in the EU right now, this is still important to know, as some expect similar changes to arrive in North America in the future.

Here’s the background:

  • All wines produced and labeled after December 8th, 2023 must feature new information on labels.
  • This can be made available for access through a QR code or URL on the label. 
  • This includes items such as energy value (calories), intolerances or allergens, nutritional declaration, and a list of ingredients.

Watch a video of David from Bottlebooks. He will show you how to use their e-label solution. It is so easy!


Your e-label must have:

  • Identify the product with a name, image, and other differentiating factors.
  • List ingredients and declare nutrition information.

Your e-label could have:

  • Include the logo of the company and an external link on the e-label.
  • Include EU mandatory and optional particulars on packaging information and recyclability.

Your e-label cannot have:

  • Do not require users to download any apps — the QR code should open the e-label directly without user action.
  • Cannot include sales or marketing information. This is only for nutrition/ingredient info.
  • Cannot track consumers except to track location for correct language delivery. 
  • No PDF attachments on the e-label page requiring download.
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Features of e-labels by Bottlebooks:

  1. EU Legal Compliance: Bottlebooks e-labels comply with all the legal requirements for QR code labeling in the European Union. This ensures that your products are marketed within the regulatory framework governing the food and beverage industry, protecting you from potential legal issues.
  2. Multilingual Capability: Bottlebooks e-labels are available in all European languages. This guarantees that your products are easily understandable by consumers in different countries, promoting your brand across various market segments.
  3. Relevant Certifications: Bottlebooks e-labels carry clear sustainable, vegan, and organic certifications. These logos and links help you establish trust with environmentally conscious consumers, increasing brand recognition and loyalty among a growing base of eco-minded buyers.
  4. Honest Pricing: Our pricing structure is crystal clear, so you know exactly what your investment entails. No hidden fees or surprises ensure you can budget accurately and make informed decisions about your labeling needs. (Plus, Outshinery customers can start for free and enjoy a 35% discount!)
  5. Easy Re-routing: With the QR code being reroutable, you can switch to any other solution you want. This ensures you always have the right arrangement for your business without worrying about inextricably tying yourself to one provider.
  6. User-friendly Interface: Bottlebooks e-labels come with an easy-to-use interface. This simplifies creating, editing, and updating your product's information. This allows you to have direct hands-on experience in labeling your products.
Remember that compliance is essential, but you don't have to struggle to meet requirements. Bottlebooks has all the tools necessary to make your job easier, allowing you to stay focused on keeping your operations running smoother than ever. With its intuitive interface, advanced end-to-end e-label solution, and professional customer support team, Bottlebooks truly is the answer to all your needs.

So why not try it out for free? Sign up with Bottlebooks today and see how easy compliance can be.

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