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Comparing Outshinery to generative AI: enhancing alcohol brand marketing

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Marketing your beverage brand is a challenging endeavor where the significance of visually captivating imagery cannot be overlooked. I's crucial to create stunning visuals that flawlessly showcase your product's appeal.

Generative AI is a remarkable technology that employs artificial intelligence to produce images, designs, or content. When it comes to product imagery, generative AI can automatically generate visuals, often utilizing templates or patterns, without requiring direct involvement from human designers.

However, despite its technological brilliance, AI still falls short of the creative prowess that agencies like Outshinery possess when it comes to brand marketing. In this article, we will delve into why Outshinery serves as a compelling alternative to generative AI in the realm of brand marketing.

A summary of Outshinery vs. Generative AI

  • Customization: Outshinery offers personalized visuals. Generative AI relies on templates.
  • Authenticity: Real artists convey wine's essence. Engages consumers effectively.
  • Consistency: Ensures uniform brand identity for global readers, enhancing recognition.
  • Artistic Interpretation: Unique, emotionally resonant visuals set Outshinery apart.
  • Quality Control: Maintain style and quality for your journalistic standards.
  • Time Efficiency: Outshinery saves time; AI may need more hands-on work.-

It’s all about the personalized approach

Outshinery offers personalized attention to your brand when it comes to creating your visual marketing strategy. First of all, you get to choose exactly what you want to buy with subscription plans that fit your budget and have no hidden fees or unexpected credit charges. With Outshinery, you always get access to a skilled and beverage-focused artistic team who will take the time to understand your brand's unique requirements. This personalized approach ensures that the creative brief is tailored to your needs, ensuring an accurate visual representation of your brand. 

Content that is visual is 43% more persuasive than simple text, so your brand should tell a positive story about why your products should be in their carts. The Outshinery team understands this and will tailor your assets to this objective. We are paying attention to trends that will impact your brand’s bottom line, working as more than a vendor of images, but a trusted partner.

3 vodka custom vodka bottles in a minimalistic decor, lifestyle image by Outshinery
Outshinery can show the detail of your products with an enticing and flawless look

Tap into boundless creativity

Considering that alcoholic beverage marketing is a specialized niche, it requires a creative approach that can showcase your brand's unique selling proposition. Generative AI can only generate imagery based on the data fed into it. However, Outshinery's in-house creative team utilizes a unique perspective to create visually creative content specific to your brand and product, ensuring that your brand identity stands out from the crowd. 

And did you know that images created with generative AI can’t feature people? Our team works with skilled photographers and professional models so that you can show your drinks being enjoyed by a diverse population in a range of settings. Outshinery has thousands of different Lifestyle Images and many different solutions for depicting your portfolio in exactly the right way, no matter where you show off your images.

No compromising attention to detail

Outshinery's meticulous attention to detail ensures that your product imagery is flawless. We mean absolutely perfect—liquid color, label detail, closure style—down to every tiny bit. This is because the technology we use is totally current and better than consumer-grade. We work in a professional realm to deliver looks that pack the most progressive quality. 

Japanese yuzu gin bottle shot crated entirely using CGI by Outshinery
Every detail is expressed, because we know how important packaging design is to your brand

With the Outshinery team, you have the advantage of not only Lifestyle Images that show your product in use but also detailed imagery of the key selling points of your product. You can even get your back label, assets that meet ecommerce standards, and multiple bottle views. Outshinery’s ability to focus on the minute details helps boost your brand image, making it seem nuanced and unique.

Get a streamlined process

Creating a streamlined marketing campaign is important in today's marketing landscape. Outshinery has a well-structured system in place that makes our process highly efficient and results-driven. You are also guaranteed to be satisfied, with the opportunity to approve your products before they are delivered. Can a robot do that? 

In a short time, you can have your visual marketing campaign running, including Product Shots, Group Shots, Product Videos, and more. These are all vital for a comprehensive marketing strategy for your brand. Imagine trusting generative AI, which creates images based on data models rather than your product, to create all of these elements with the quality that customers expect from your brand.

small format Australian sparkling bottles created using D software
Exact renderings of your specific product can't be delivered with generative AI

Outshinery’s customer feedback is excellent

Outshinery has an impressive track record of client satisfaction with the service received and assets delivered. Our clients report an increased ability to engage with their audience and increase sales once they start using Outshinery's services. 

Additionally, with fast turnaround times, Outshinery creates less of a burden on the internal team, making the entire process effortless. Check out plenty of customer testimonials to see exactly what people have to say about working with Outshinery and the value of this investment.

picture-perfect bottle pics by Outshinery

To sell your wine online, your label needs to be precise

The alcohol industry is highly regulated, and your visual assets must accurately depict your product or run the risk of getting your brand in trouble.
Get professional imagery you can trust

Generative AI has drawbacks

Don’t get us wrong. We love working with generative AI. It’s a cool slice of tech that promises to make life easier. We’ve even written about how today’s top tools can be prompted to help you reach our audience in unique ways. However, relying on generative AI to create the visuals you use to promote your wine brand can have some costly drawbacks. As a highly regulated product, and alcohol brands must adhere to strict branding guidelines and image standards. Relying solely on AI to produce marketing materials can result in brand image inconsistency and misrepresentation.

Furthermore, AI-generated images may lack the emotional and sensory appeal that consumers crave from alcohol advertisements. By utilizing human creativity and expertise, wine brands can produce authentic and visually stunning marketing content that resonates with their target audience, ultimately leading to higher brand loyalty and sales.

California wine spritzers in aluminum cans with catchy design, image by Outshinery
From bottles to cans to any type of packaging, your customers want to see your product clearly

In conclusion

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any brand's success, and creating visually attractive imagery is central to that. Although generative AI may seem like a cheaper solution, it does not provide the customization or nuanced approach that Outshinery offers (and that your product deserves).

Outshinery has a team that is dedicated to creating stunning visual representations for your brand, ensuring every detail is well executed. Our exceptional customer service, efficient processes, and attention to detail make them the go-to for wine marketers looking for customized, high-quality visual marketing campaigns. 

With Outshinery, you have a partner committed to advancing your brand in the right direction and producing impressive marketing visuals that stand out from the crowd.

Key takeaways. Outshinery always … 

  • Offers personalized visuals, while generative AI relies on templates
  • Works with real people for engaging, emotionally resonant content
  • Ensures uniform brand identity for global recognition
  • Relies on creativity and sets your brand apart from the competition
  • Pays meticulous attention to detail for flawless assets
  • Dedicates our innovation to save you time and headaches
  • Strives for 5-star reviews and word of mouth recommendations
  • Avoids inconsistency and lackluster results
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