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7 Reasons why packaging matters for alcohol sales

7 Reasons why packaging matters for alcohol sales

Well-designed products grab attention, inspire confidence, and ultimately lead to more purchases

colourful alcohol packaging on orange background
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You've got the alcohol thing down. There's no doubt about the quality of the liquid products you make, but in today's competitive market, packaging is just as crucial for sales success. It's the first thing that catches a consumer's eye and perhaps the only way to stand out if they don't have prior exposure or knowledge of your brand.

First impressions matter on the digital shelf

Packaging is the primary contact a consumer has with your product and first impressions matter. Studies show that people make up their minds in seconds (or even fractions of seconds) when making a visual decision. The whole bottle and packaging need to be eye-catching, attractive, and legible to grab the customer's attention. A poorly designed or unattractive bottle and package can deter potential buyers from adding to cart a wine bottle ever.

For more on this very technique, check out this article: How to position your wine bottle and packaging for sales success.

beaujolais nouveau bottle on orange background
Bright and colorful wine label jumps on the (digital) shelf. Fred Siriex's Beaujolais Nouveau 2022 by Marks & Spencer. (Bottle Shot by Outshinery)

Crafting unique branding and label designs for alcohol brands

The beverage market is competitive, and standing out is key. Potential customers should be able to differentiate your SKU from the sea of other brands. The right packaging can help with this. Unique, thoughtful, consistent, and authentic designs convey a unique selling proposition, pull the customer in, and foster brand loyalty and trust.

3 cocktails in a can on orange background
Attention-grabbing cans that beg to be tried out by adventurous drinkers. Salted Caramel Espresso Martini Cocktail (vodka), Smoked Pineapple Daiquiri (rum), Rose Negroni Spitz (sparkling) cans by Marks & Spencer. (Pack Shot images made by Outshinery)

Exploring the perceived value of wine bottles: an analysis.

Packaging can positively influence the product's perceived value. A wine bottle with lackluster design and low-quality materials may not inspire confidence or suggest bargain wine. High-end (heavy) bottles and premium packaging that are elegant and made from quality materials convey the idea that the wine is special enough that your winery has invested in spot-on design for the consumer's benefit.

Brands can be subtle in this aspect, but consider the full presentation when deciding on containers, closures, finishes, and typography.

2 bottles on orange background
Trustworthy and affordable wine bottle designs. English Sparkling Wine bottle and Chenin Blanc bottle by Marks & Spencer. (Bottleshots by Outshinery)

Target market plays a vital role in the beverage industry.

Packaging should indeed be designed appropriately for the target market. Knowing the audience can help wineries, breweries, and distilleries create the appropriate design that resonates with their audience. You can't please everyone!

According to Ipsos, 72% of U.S. wine consumers say that wine label design certainly does influence their purchase decision. Use this significant lever to influence the people who will most enjoy your wine (beer or spirit!).

 sparkling mimosa bottle on orange background
Approachable and feminine packaging for low-alcohol beverage. Mimosa bottle for Marks & Spencer. (Product image by Outshinery)

Exploring the relationship between alcohol purchasing behavior and environmental impact.

More and more consumers are looking for eco-friendly products and expect the materials that enclose and protect these products to be no less responsible. As of January 2023, 81% of consumers insist on sustainable packaging, according to reporting by Protega. Lightweight bottles, recyclable shipping materials, and alternative packaging are making a strong move in the beverage industry. Brands that demonstrate an awareness of environmental concerns often resonate more with the growing number of people who share similar values.

custom rum bottle on orange background
Custom embossing on the shoulders, a branded spirit glass bottle. Limited Edition Rum Drink by Marks & Spencer. (Pack shot by Outshinery)

Storytelling works wonders for alcoholic brands in increasing sales.

Packaging can tell a story about origins, production methods, and tasting notes. This can help customers connect with the product on a deeper level and make a purchase decision based on more than just taste profile. This is especially important for retail or ecommerce sales, which don't allow for conversation with your trusted staff or a tasting room visit that would otherwise solidify your story.

Christmas bee bottle on orange background
Compelling narratives drive sales. Seasonal Edition Christmas Ale by Marks & Spencer. (Bottleshot by Outshinery)

The packaging of alcohol is an essential component of its sales success.

The bottle, composition, and design should cater to the target market, convey a unique selling proposition, differentiate the bottle from other brands, and be practical. Moreover, eco-friendly and expository elements can also impact consumers positively. Ultimately, innovative packaging influences the consumers' experience, which can positively impact sales.

And that's a good thing!

2 designed beer bottles on orange background

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