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Jill Barth


June 29, 2021

A panel of wine industry creatives on how you can make it a joy ride and earn their loyalty

The June 2021 On the Spot event, Wine Brands + the Customer Journey, was absolutely rocking with top insight from our panel:

A bottle of wine doesn’t just come from the vineyard to the cellar to your customer’s home. Wine businesses that understand this employ (or become!) skilled marketing professionals. These teams consider how to make the brand — bottle by bottle — stand out to attract and retain customers.

Solve, not sell

The true map from the vineyard to home includes both tangible and intangible touchpoints that help tell the brand story, meanwhile taking people on their own journey as they experience the wine. This goes way beyond the taste, proving that wine brands can and do move the needle on sales by keeping the customer engaged throughout the journey.

Scout Driscoll, founder of Vint Studio in Chicago, points out that how your brand makes people feel is an essential part of your identity. She says that the core emotions elicited by your brand are the “pinnacle of clarity” when it comes to your presentation in front of the customer. Her firm works with wineries to design unforgettable and beautiful labels for their products and she believes that this asset should “solve, not sell” when it comes to effective communication of the brand ethos.

Customers are promiscuous

From a brand marketing perspective, Amanada Horn, a wine marketer out of Ontario, Canada, says that “the best thing you can do is tell the story the best way that you can.” She concedes that wine shoppers are highly “promiscuous” and will hop from brand to brand. 

To keep them tied to their journey with your wine, she advises a tendency towards using data to make marketing decisions. Pay attention to what makes your audience click, buy, and read. She calls this “behavior analysis,” adding a rich layer of understanding for wineries that want to know their customers and visitors better. 

Intention + authenticity

Stephan Martinez is founder of Trysk Print Solutions in Seattle, with a specialty in wine packaging. “You have to have intention behind your marketing,” he says. The wine industry is open to being creative, often following curves and trends. While he believes that wineries “often come along for the ride” they should maintain authenticity above efforts to get ahead. 

This can help reverse the potential for fickleness, magnetizing your brand. People recognize and trust your wines, and know they can count on the quality. Meanwhile, have fun with details, but always look ahead to ask if this particular design will fit into a library lineup in future years. If the answer is yes (or if that’s not important to the particular release) then your authenticity will likely be maintained. 

Get the full story

Hear from Scout, Amanda, and Stephan in the full replay of the panel conversation. It’s moderated by our favorite host Keltie, with her becoming-famous “hot or not” segment at the end.

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