Written by

Laurie Millotte


January 13, 2020

Since Outshinery was founded in 2016 we’ve served 350+ clients and 800+ brands and we are thankful for each and every one.

What else has happened since our first days? Here’s a look at the past five years by the numbers.

When Laurie Millotte created Outshinery, she had dinosaurs ? on her mind.


Walking home after watching Jurassic World at the cinema in 2015, an idea hit her: “If computers can make dinosaurs look that realistic, surely we can do the same for a wine bottle!”

At the time, Laurie was working as a designer, creating beautiful wine labels for her clients. The bottles would be stunning, but when the likeness appeared in marketing efforts, she could see that her clients were often disappointed by the lackluster visuals. Glare, shadows, reflections—these distractions polluted the images and made her clients’ bottles look, well, prehistoric.

“With the future in mind, Outshinery was born. Laurie and her team leverage the same 3D artistry that makes Hollywood movies visually dynamic but thanks to the 350+ clients Outshinery has partnered with since the company was founded in 2016, this tech has a permanent place in the wine industry. ”

The numbers tell part of the story, but what really makes us proud is our relationships.

Thanks to all of our customers and partners!

Inspired to join the wine photography revolution? Let’s do it!

? Oh! And here is the “dino label” from our friends at The Hatch in case you’re curious!

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