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It started with a T-Rex. Laurie found herself designing beautiful labels for her clients, often winning awards in international competitions, but the marketing efforts that followed would often fall flat due to lackluster visuals.

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Win Advisor logo
RedChirp | July, 2023

RedChirp and Outshinery Integration Takes Text Messaging to the Next Level

RedChirp and Outshinery are making it easier than ever for wineries to engage at scale!

Both tech companies have teamed up to provide wine brands with a seamless integration that simplifies sending captivating product images alongside compliant text messages. This integration eliminates the hassle of collecting, resizing, and distributing visual content along with highly engaging text messages that drive conversions. With ease, users can enhance the effectiveness of their one-on-one or bulk messages by effortlessly incorporating high-quality bottle shots and lifestyle images to boost sales.

Win Advisor logo
Wine Industry Advisor | March, 2022

Outshinery Experiences Growth with Its Disruptive Wine Photography Technology

​Outshinery, the premier creator of high standard images for the wine industry, has released numbers illustrating disruptive growth since its inception in 2016. Outshinery provides photography that is faster, better, and smarter to wineries, creative directors, and online retailers...

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Winepair logo
Vinepair | September, 2022

The Companies Aiming to Diversify What Lifestyle Wine Photography Looks Like

Outshinery is on a mission to shake up the traditional world of decorative wine imagery and capture the true essence of wine drinking moments. VinePair recently highlighted our efforts in an article discussing the declining popularity of glossy, unrealistic lifestyle wine images. The article suggested that these images lacked diversity and authenticity and were not representative of the true drinking experience, leading customers to lose interest in them.

Instead, Outshinery is changing the game by using real-life photographs taken by skilled photographers to create images that are both relatable and realistic, connecting with wine lovers on a deeper level. By doing so, we're paving the way for a more innovative and authentic approach to wine imagery.

VinePair's article sheds light on how our unique approach is challenging outdated image trends in the wine industry. We're proud to be leading the way and will continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in wine photography.

Italian Wine Podcast logo
Italian Wine Podcast | February, 2022

Laurie Millotte | Get US Market Ready With Italian Wine People

We're excited to share that our founder and CEO, Laurie Millotte, was featured on the latest episode of the Italian Wine Podcast, discussing the importance of product photography in the wine industry.

Laurie shared her expert insights and techniques for creating photorealistic images and videos that capture the essence of each wine brand and elevate marketing strategies.

Discover the significance of visually compelling images and learn how unique and stunning visuals can impact your wine marketing tactics. Don't miss out on valuable insights from one of the industry's trailblazers.

Grab your headphones and listen now to learn how product photography can help take your wine marketing strategies to the next level!

The Story Exchange logo
The Story Exchange | January, 2022

Visually Creative Methods to Grow Your Brand

The North Bay Business Journal recently shared insights on eight key online business and marketing trends for 2022, and we at Outshinery couldn't agree more. We believe that visual marketing is crucial, and that concise messaging and consistent branding across all platforms are key. In addition, we're excited to see more e-commerce companies teaming up with brick-and-mortar retailers for a powerful consumer experience.

The trends mentioned in the article align with our mission of helping businesses in the wine, beer, and spirits industries tell their story through stunning visuals. We believe that augmented reality, personalized marketing, sustainability, human connection, virtual experiences, artificial intelligence, and social media influencers will all play important roles in shaping the marketing landscape in 2022.

We're thrilled to be part of this exciting time for online business and marketing, and we can't wait to see how these trends develop in the coming year.

Vint logo
Vint | October, 2021

She’s Utilizing 3D Technology to Bring Wine World Marketing To The Next Level

At Outshinery, we recently had the honor of being featured in The Story Exchange thanks to our founder and CEO, Laurie Millotte's entrepreneurship skills. The article analyzed how she developed the technology that revolutionized the alcohol industry, leading to Outshinery's success.

Laurie's journey highlights some critical lessons for entrepreneurs, such as building a product that solves a real problem, economic perseverance, building strong relationships with clients, and trust essential for growing a thriving service business.

Overall, Laurie's innovative approaches and commitment to growth are the pillars of success driving Outshinery's ongoing growth and expansion.

SevenFifty Daily logo
SevenFifty Daily | August, 2021

How to Take Better Bottle Shots

As ecommerce has become essential for selling wine, beer, and spirits, quality photography is more critical than ever. Here’s how to up your game.

Beverage alcohol ecommerce sales grew 42 percent last year, according to the IWSR. Online wine sales alone ballooned from $600 million in 2019 to nearly $2 billion in 2020. With so much brand building and selling occurring in the virtual realm, bad product photos are a liability. Whether you’re a new brand, a small retailer, or an established producer seeking to improve your customers’ online shopping experience, upgrading your bottle photography can have a big impact on your bottom line.

“Photography is such an incredible way to do the non-verbal storytelling,” said Brie Koenigs, the director of marketing for E. & J. Gallo Winery’s heritage luxury brands. “The bottle takes on a persona, it becomes the hero. And it’s really the visual interpretation of the personality of the brand.”

SevenFifty Daily logo
SevenFifty Daily | July, 2018

How to Create Perfect Bottle Shots

Advice on getting the best images to sell your wine, spirits, or beer.

When marketing bottled beverages, clean and clear bottle shots are a crucial element. But photographing a bottle is extremely challenging, whether the shot is intended for a white background on a website, or as part of a lifestyle image for social media. It can also be difficult to maintain consistency across an entire product line—or from one vintage of wine to another.

“In this day and age, visual content is the perfect gateway to your product,” says Laurie Millotte, a designer who founded Outshinery, an innovative web-based photo and video business in Vancouver, British Columbia. “It’s the closest thing people will get to before having the physical product in their hands.”

SevenFifty Daily spoke with Millotte, as well as a drinks industry photographer and a marketing executive, to find the best strategies for creating the perfect shot.

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James KingKing Family vineyards logo
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Discover how James at King Family Vineyards drove a 4x sales increase.

The quality of the images and how it overall enhanced the quality of the promotion, translated into an increase in sales on those particular days. It proved to me that Outshinery’s services have an immediate and powerful effect on our bottom line.

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