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Discover how King Family Vineyards drove a 4x sales increase by improving their imagery.

Compelling visual product content improves conversion rates, saves time and money, and drives unprecedented sales performance. Outshinery's 3D online services make the process a breeze.

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Virginia, USA
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55% savings
on product photography costs
30x return on investment
through product imagery efforts
400% increase
in DTC online wine sales


There's no denying that visuals play a crucial role in marketing campaigns. They have the power to evoke emotions, capture attention, and influence buying decisions. As a small- to medium-sized winery on a budget, you may think that stunning product photography is out of reach. However, we share an inspiring success story with you: King Family Vineyards' 4x sale increase since using Outshinery's photorealistic imagery service.

King Family Vineyards wine sales graph
King’s Family online sales soar with Outshinery’s Lifestyle Images on social media

This case study and project aims to inspire and educate small to medium-sized wineries on a budget about the power of visuals in marketing campaigns.

We'll showcase King Family Vineyards' success with Outshinery's 3D online services, delve into the science behind visual marketing, and discuss how you can determine your wine photography's return on investment (ROI).

Background context

King Family Vineyards is a family-owned and operated vineyard and winery in Crozet, Virginia. They specialize in producing high-quality wines from estate-grown grapes. With the rise of e-commerce and the importance of eye-catching visuals in online sales, James King knew the winery needed to up its game. They turned to Outshinery's online services for consistency, shorter lead times, and cost savings.

It started with a wine product photography problem

The wine industry demands that products (bottles, cans, bag-in-a-box, etc.) stand out and look their best. James King, proprietor of King Family Vineyards, knew this all too well and sought ways to elevate his wines' online presence. But shooting glass bottles can feel like "trying to take a photograph or a selfie in a house of mirrors" — reflecting all the distortions and reflections that come with it!

The issues of working with independent photographers

The winery had been grappling with photography logistics for several years. Their bottle shots took forever and lacked consistency. They happened to also be costly and a number of images were of subpar quality, particularly with lighting and camera angle issues. James and his team were rightly apprehensive about the potential negative impact on the perceived value of their product, which is award-winning and highly regarded. Research indicates that visual appeal is the vital first impression that can make or break a deal, so the team wanted to put their brand at an advantage.

crappy bottle shot by a product photographer
meritage bottle shot by Outshinery for King Family Vineyards
One of the most recognized wines in the King Family portfolio — as featured in the "old way" product shot

Why high-quality product imagery is essential

According to research, 93% of buyers consider visual appearance to be the key factor in their purchasing decisions. Visual content is king in marketing, as it engages effectively and influences emotions and purchasing decisions. Did you know that our brains can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds?

Since James had to use different photographers in the past, it caused many visual inconsistencies from wine bottle picture to wine bottle picture, none of them looking quite up to the highest standard. Moreover, there was often a considerable lag between when a product was released for sale and when its photo was available.

This process was expensive in more ways than one: “Things that take too much time are too costly in my mind,” says James. That was until he discovered Outshinery, and everything changed! James' entrepreneurial spirit and a newsletter from WineDirect were all it took for him to try it out.

Factors to consider when calculating product photography cost

Determining the total cost of your wine photography requires understanding the hidden costs, evaluating the price you expect you will pay to keep your visuals up to date, and thinking about the cost of larger lifestyle photoshoots, often involving higher budgets.

Hidden costs might include shipping wine bottle samples and/or product loss, or the running tally to keep your visuals up to date (new vintage releases never end!), not to mention the cost of more significant expenses like on-site photoshoots.

beauty shot of a wine bottle by King Family vineyard (photo: Outshinery)
Beauty Shots like this one help customers feel like they are close to the product — even in an ecommerce setting

Outshinery is capable of producing Bottle Shots, Lifestyle Images, Product Videos, and more without the need for physical bottles or expensive logistics. “Inefficiencies are incredibly frustrating, and there is always a better way to do something,” says James. “So when I first watched the YouTube video of how Outshinery creates bottle shots, I was blown away. I thought to myself, ‘Man, if they could do this for us, think of how much time and money we'll save!'”

Outshinery offered a solution that could bring him closer to his dream… So James took the plunge!

James' solution to wine product photography

A risk-free approach: the first bottle shot is free!

James took up Outshinery's offer to try the service with a free test order. No strings attached. “I was surprised that Outshinery was able to create a product photo so quickly. The turn-around time was less than 12 hours, and the quality was so high! I knew instantly that it was a service we'd move forward with and begin using immediately.”

Everything is done online, simply:

  • Fill out a brief online questionnaire where you'll specify container type, liquid color, closure type, and more.
  • Upload your front and back label artworks (Illustrator or layered PDF formats are ideal)
  • Share any extra helpful details to help the Outshinery team.
lineup of King Family Vineyards wine bottles by Outshinery
King Family Vineyards shows off some of its portfolio range in a Product Lineup from Outshinery

Highlight the exceptional quality of the wines using Product Shots that do them justice.

In the world of wine, presentation is key. That's why consistently high-quality bottle shots are crucial for any winery looking to stand out. Fortunately, recent advancements in product photography technology have streamlined the whole bottle shot process, resulting in shorter lead times and significant cost savings. James was immediately excited by the power of Outshinery's wine product photos:

My images can be consistent every single time and even be ready before our wine is even bottled!
James King

Ready to invest in quality imagery, James opted for a 25-yearly Shine Credit subscription model. This decision was driven by his anticipation of his team's marketing needs for an entire year while knowing he could always top-up if he needed even more visual content.

At only $94 per Product Shot and with free vintage updates, Outshinery is a clear winner in terms of costs. “Our previous traditional photographer charged us roughly $208 for each bottle, which included retouching work and product shipping,” says James. Thanks to Outshinery's services and pricing, we've drastically cut back on expenses while bringing our King Family Vineyards vision to life.

The results are clear! King Family Vineyards managed to save a staggering 55% on product shot costs by using Outshinery over a traditional product photographer.

King Family and other wineries can speed up product delivery and uplift brand presentation quality thanks to efficiency gains in production. And professionally captured wine bottle images can make all the difference in an industry where every little detail counts.

Spark emotional engagement and drive sales using quality Lifestyle Images.

Lifestyle Images allow potential customers to envision wine products in their lives. These images showcase wine in its natural setting or with complementary items. The result of Outshinery's Lifestyle Images? Viewers are hooked, conversions skyrocket, and the lifetime value of customers soars.

In a highly competitive market, persuading customers to purchase your products can be daunting. However, don't underestimate the power of great product imagery. For James at King Family, the power of Lifestyle Images was revealed as the proof in the Christmas pudding, so to speak.

man holding a bottle of rose in his hand, lifestyle image by Outshinery
Crosé, King Family Vineyards' popular rosé, is shown out-and-about in a Lifestyle Image from Outshinery

As the holiday season of 2017 approached, King put Outshinery's Lifestyle Images to the test, sharing two Christmas-themed pictures on social media in December. These photos captured the quintessence of the holidays, enticing their audience with photos of the perfect gift or pairing for the season: wine from King Family Vineyards

James observed a marked surge in sales from customers on the two days when his teamposted those particular shots, as evidenced by the spike in the sales graph.

The quality of the images and how it overall enhanced the quality of the promotion, translated into an increase in sales on those particular days. It proved to me that Outshinery’s services have an immediate and powerful effect on our bottom line.
James King

Rich with storytelling, lifestyle images are ideal for marketing at the top of your conversion funnel — social media, blog posts, email, and beyond. Playing an integral role in online purchasing decisions, they may even influence to visit the tasting room at the winery.

lifestyle image by Outshinery featuring a white wine with oysters
This Lifestyle Image shows how well King Family Vineyards Chardonnay pairs with oysters

Using industry-dedicated services like Outshinery to create visual product content can be an enjoyable experience. Not only does it allow for imaginative freedom, but it also gives you the chance to promote your brand, not just your product.

The results of King Family's product imagery with Outshinery 5 years later.

From the very beginning of 2017, James was excited to see what quality bottle shots and inspiring lifestyle photography images he could now use on his website and social media outlets. What's more, to his own acknowledgment, “Outshinery turned something that used to be a chore into something fun to do! That's impressive and powerful.”

110+ Product Shots and 85+ Lifestyle Images later, now in 2023, thanks to Outshinery's cutting-edge digital service, James no longer struggles with subpar visual content. Instead, he is unlocking the superpower of images by focusing on marketing campaigns that convert by letting Outshinery take care of everything that is product imagery.

Truly, in terms of saving time, money, and effort, using Outshinery is a no-brainer. Bonus point: the Outshinery team is incredibly responsive and nice to work with!
James King


High-quality and captivating imagery is priceless when it comes to wine sales. King Family Vineyards' success showcased the power of visual marketing for small to medium-sized wineries on a budget.

Outshinery's innovative image services solved King Family Vineyards' problem of poor-quality traditional product photography services. Discover how you can drive more sales by unlocking the full value of your wine photography. Trust us — it’s one of the best return-on-investment your business can make!

At Outshinery, we're all about helping you make an impact. That's why we encourage you to sign up for our free trial. Not only will you see how easy it is to use, but you'll also witness the impressive results it can deliver in just a short period of time.

The future of wine visual marketing is bright, and we hope this post is to inspire you to take advantage of it.

Case study takeaways

  • King Family Vineyards found Outshinery to be superior to conventional photography for their wine Product Shots and Lifestyle Images.
  • James King, owner of King Family Vineyards, witnessed an immediate sales increase of 4x when he began posting images created by Outshinery.
  • The winery achieved significant cost savings (55%) in photography expenses.
  • They improved efficiency and drastically shortened lead times. In fact, they even got pictures taken before bottling the wine!
  • Partnering with Outshinery for consistent, quality product imagery over time had a direct, positive impact on their bottom line.
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