Outshinery Media Kit

It started with a T-Rex.

Outshinery is the brainchild of founder and award-winning designer, Laurie Millotte. Laurie found herself designing beautiful labels for her clients, often winning awards in international competitions, but the marketing efforts that followed would often fall flat due to lackluster visuals.

Walking home after watching Jurassic World at the movies, the idea hit her: “If computers can make dinosaurs look that realistic, surely we can do the same for a wine or beer bottle!!!” 

Outshinery was born. 

Leveraging photorealistic 3D technology, our online service is smarter, better, and faster than a traditional photographer. Outshinery is the leader in bottle photography for the wine industry — a reliable resource for product photos and videos that convert to sales.


Our promise to clients:

  • Show off your products with pride
  • No embarrassing blurs, smudges, reflections
  • No more inconsistent or missing images
  • Totally online ordering process
  • Faster and easier than hiring a photographer
  • No shipping costs or hidden fees

Simply brilliant!

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Way more than Bottle Shots.

We create all the trade assets a winery needs to run a thriving business. 

  • Bottle Shots (front and back)
  • Lifestyle images (in-context photography)
  • Product videos (including animated label videos)
  • Interactive Spinners (360-degree view)
  • Copywriting (for ecommerce and more)
  • Beauty Shots (show off details)
  • And more (see the portfolio)

 How does it happen?

  • Clients answer a short online questionnaire and upload label artwork when prompted.
  • Proofs are ready to review in as little as a few days.
  • Visuals are delivered in ready-to-use formats wherever wine is marketed.
  • New in 2021, the Outshinery Studio is a customer app that makes life easier.

That’s it!

The results

  • You run your winery. 
  • We make your product shine.
  • Flawless imagery. On time and on budget.
  • Be confident in your brand presentation and sell more wine, the easy way.

Always be ready.

Here’s your perfect bottle photography. Innovative visual content to market and sell your wine digitally and in print. Online everything through a simple-to-use platform backed by delightful, 5-star service.

No shipping, scheduling, or coordination headaches. Only dazzling results delivered in ready-to-use formats that work wherever you need them.

Get what you need

From Bottle Shots to Lifestyle Images, Product Videos and more. Finally be prepared for any marketing opportunity: 

  • Website
  • Wine club mailings
  • All the emails
  • Distributor support
  • Media page
  • Print ads
  • Social media
  • Invitations
  • Printed Promo Materials
  • You name it…

Customers that have made the switch to Outshinery include Kendall Jackson Family Wines, Argyle Winery, John Anthony Vineyard, Grgich Hill Estate, Mark Anthony Group, Cline Cellars, Wente Family Wine, Duckhorn Portfolio, O’Neill Vintners, WX brand, and many more.

We commit to giving 2% of profits from each sale to benefit WaterAid Canada, a non-profit organization helping poor communities establish sustainable water supplies… Because wine only tastes so good next to a glass of clean water, we have to learn how to share and treat this resource more carefully. 

Read our mission statement.

Questions, inquiries? [email protected]

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