It’s 2021. Time for better wine photography.

100% flawless

Bottle Shots that are detailed, perfect and consistent on any channel.


100% online

Ready when you are, in as little as 48-hours. No physical samples required.


100% guaranteed

Feel totally satisfied that your images are perfect and approve proofs at your convenience.


200% share rate

Articles with an image
every 75-100 words

94% more views

Posts with images vs
posts without images

90% of marketers

Believe visual content
is absolutely necessary

1. Choose the shape of your bottle.
Browse our full library and if yours isn’t there, we’ll make it.
2. Select your glass color.
All the classics, plus custom looks.
3. Nail down the liquid color.
Get specific and bring your product to life.
4. Perfect the texture of your paper.
Match the expression of your label.
5. Specify your finishes.
All the details, nothing let out or altered.
6. Be delighted!
See your bottle with picture-perfect, flawless consistency.

Visuals for multi-channel impact. Always be ready.

Flawless DtC

Make online purchasing appealing and effective with clear and accurate product visuals.

Ready for opportunity

Arm your team with on-demand visuals and hold the advantage on social media and public relations.

Support communications

Outfit newsletter, emails, tasting room campaigns, and wine club shipments with consistent collateral.

Ed Feuchuk

Ed Feuchuck – Napa Farm Collective

“Our first Outshinery shot wasn’t just impressive, it left us mesmerized. And now, there’s no turning back. Dreaming up 25 new wines each year for Tank Garage Winery may sound like a nightmare (it is) but creating our product photography was just as hard.

Spending thousands on studio shoots with long, painful timelines just didn’t jive with our renegade business model, so we found something better. Enter Outshinery; a team of digital artists so talented that I’m unconvinced they’re not sorcerers.

Working with them is so easy. We just upload our artwork to their website, click a few buttons, and within a few days, have the world’s sexiest wine bottle shots.

Even cooler, Outshinery can deliver these images before we actually bottle a wine, allowing us to prototype concepts and promote new releases farther in advance. Ain’t no way we’re stopping now. 200 bottle shots in, Outshinery continues to blow our minds and make us look too damn good.”

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Want to get into details?

Delivery size

Your images are delivered digitally. Hi-res visuals, ready to download.

File formats

Get final images in jpg, png, and tif formats. Use them anywhere!

Ecommerce ready

Bottle Shots are designed for your online platform.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Review proofs before delivery of final assets.

Always consistent

Get free vintages updates for accurate product details and year.

Smart pricing

Monthly subscriptions to meet your needs. Cancel anytime.

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Read real stories

From actual customers

You have questions. We have answers.

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Are Bottle Shots customized?
Yes to all the customization. Your Bottle Shot will look exactly like your bottle. That includes large formats, half bottles, unusual shapes, unique closures, label details, liquid color. Neck tags, stickers, and cork details are even included. Perfection is the name of the game.
Can you do cans?
Yep, we CAN do cans. We can handle any packaging shape. Not that you want this, but we could do, say a soy sauce bottle or a jar of jam. It really doesn’t matter—our artistry team can make it happen.
Can you spruce up a picture I already have?
We actually don’t work with previously taken photos. Your Bottle Shot will be crafted around the actual artwork file for your label (the same one you send the printer). Layered files are the best to help make crisp and beautiful visuals.
What do you need from me to get started?
It’s an easy process, all online and at your convenience (no scheduling required). Fill out a quick questionnaire (should take about 5 minutes) to convey the details about your project. Next you’ll submit the label artwork file. Then our team gets to work.
How much does it cost?

Prices start at $69 for a Bottle Shot. There are no hidden costs and everything at Outshinery operates on Shine Credits, which are purchased through monthly subscription plans. Check out all the options available here—they are designed to meet your needs and budget.

Bottle Fan

Today’s wine photography comes from Outshinery.

Ready to see the light?

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