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Dear Outshinery,
I have a question.

Our video series with all of the answers.

When people write in — ok, that’s a bit old fashioned, but you know — our correspondent Keltie is ready to respond. Listen in for the answers to these pressing questions.

#1 Dear Outshinery,
What about my photographer?

#2 Dear Outshinery,
Is my bottle TOO unique?

#3 Dear Outshinery,
What are Shine Credits?

#4 Dear Outshinery,
How do Lifestyle Images work?

#5 Dear Outshinery,
 Do you do gift boxes?

#6 Dear Outshinery,
Do you offer a discount for vintage updates?

#7 Dear Outshinery,
 How do I get started?

#8 Dear Outshinery,
How do I photograph a wine bottle?

#9 Dear Outshinery,
What industry ressources do you love?

#10 Dear Outshinery,
How do I find Lifestyle Images to suit my needs?

#11 Dear Outshinery,
How can I show off my entire bottle?

Don’t forget to check out our FAQ page, where we answer dozens of questions and provide tons of clarity.
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