Written by

Laurie Millotte


March 23, 2020

8 people, 5 countries, one solid system. How the Outshinery team works remotely and what you can do to improve your WFH plan.


If you hadn’t heard this one before, it’s definitely popping up everywhere now. It means Work From Home (many joke that it means Wine From Home) and for the Outshinery team, it’s nothing new.
Peek inside our workspaces to see what this looks like right now..

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There are eight of us on the team, spread out across five countries. We’ve never been in the same room all at once and many of us have never met in person. Still, we are a pretty tight-knit group, with big thanks to our routine made possible by technology. We’ve also realized that, despite being spread across many time zones, our lives are all impacted by the current crisis.

“This shared experience is global, and we know that we are in this together.”

If we’ve learned anything from our remote work style, it’s how to be consistently productive. If you’d like some guidance, there is a solution for you. Outshinery’s founder Laurie is part of a kickass team of experts behind a new 5-day online course, which you can get for free.


It starts today, so we can get this information into your hands as soon as possible. The very first class, “Communication is Key”, will reveal tips from Laurie about how our team uses tools such as Slack and Asana to stay on top of our projects and keep strong connections.

Join the Outshinery team from your workspace, wherever that may be. We’ll keep in touch with useful and relevant content, special offers, and global insight.

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