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Jill Barth


February 21, 2022

Bespoke recipes + Lifestyle Images with your bottle in the picture

5 marketing mistakes
Custom-branded veggie food photography & recipes featuring YOUR wine.

Which one of your wines pairs best with kale? How about polenta? Probably plenty of them! Suggest your wine for vegan, vegetarian, meatless, or plant-based meals with this new collection of recipes designed for food and wine pairing in mind.

5 marketing mistakes

Our team worked with a chef, food stylist, and photographer to put together this exclusive line of recipes and food images just for wineries. Includes totally customized (just for your brand) wine tasting notes, a winery description, and accolades received for the wine. This is perfect for your organic releases or wines to pair with lower-calorie or health-minded dishes.

These are delivered to your inbox in multiple formats, ready to be deployed in print or online for virtually any use. 100% online, no physical samples needed. Wine clubs love ’em and they can really set your winery apart with flair that is also quite handy in the kitchen!

5 marketing mistakes

Pairing wine with food can seem like a daunting task to some people… yet there is no denying that food plays a central role in the love of wine.

Did you know?

“Food & Drink” is the most popular category for both women and men onPinterest.
Millennials spend a cumulative 120 hours a year browsing food images on Instagram.

WHAT IF you could… Inspire your audience to bring your product out of the tasting room and into their home kitchen? Get online shoppers to click “purchase” after reading about a perfect-pairing dish? Suggest how ideal your wine is for food enthusiasts?

5 marketing mistakes

Unlock your marketing superpowers

When you work with Outshinery, you’ll be able to:

  • Save time because Outshinery is faster than any other visual solution out there (typically 3 business days or less).
  • Simplify and fast-track your workflow because you no longer need to deal with the logistics of shipping physical samples or have to wait for your products to be bottled!
  • Take care of all your imagery needs online, no matter where you’re located (from Tasmania to California, South-Africa to Italy, there are no limits!).
  • Access complimentary services like Bottle Shots, Product Videos, Beauty Shots and more to further serve your communication needs.
  • Take away all your anxiety around product photography. You no longer have to worry about the quality and impact of your images. Instead, you can be confident that you will have the best of the best.
  • Become a better marketer, and be recognized by your competition and your colleagues as someone who is ahead of the curve.

Timeless Recipe Collection

“Food and drink” is a popular search category. Get recipes for YOUR wine and take advantage of the inexhaustible appeal.

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