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Jill Barth


May 18, 2020

A recap of this collaborative, online event for everyone in the wine industry.

Thank you to the hundreds of you that participated in the recent town hall. Your questions were integral to the synergy of the event. 

The conversation covered hospitality, online sales, wine clubs, and marketing. Participants generated more than 130 comments and questions, which were upvoted by winery peers. 

In conjunction with the event, a fundraiser for World Central Kitchen raised nearly $5,000! Thank you for your generous donations.

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Ready for a recap? Here are some of the highlights:

???? Free shipping is the cost you have to pay to keep ecommerce strong. (The most upvoted topic!)

  • Don’t jeopardize retention by asking customers to pay more for shipping now. – Zach, Commerce7
  • Revise wine price and keep shipping down. – Simon, Highway 29 Creative
???? Don’t neglect telesales!

  • Leverage what you know about customers’ DtC purchases to make a valuable offer. – Remy, WinePulse
  • Build a foundation of trust to compete with huge retailers. – Simon
  • If you weren’t good at capturing contact data from guests, make this a huge focus once the tasting room reopens. – Jennifer, WISE Academy
Town Hall recap event recording
???? Wineries should rethink their Club approach and transition to, or at least consider, a subscription model. (There was rich conversation about the semantics and expectations of what a wine club is…or rather should be.)

  • Make convenience your primary wine “club” benefit by offering subscriptions – Zach
  • Consider what makes sense for your target customers and make your even more ‘sticky’ and revenue-producing. – Jennifer
  • Rethink benefits to discover the right balance between not overtly commoditizing wine, while also understanding the new reality/expectations of today’s consumers. – Laurie
???? Wineries need to be flexible and be able to pivot quickly to make the most of an ever-changing environment.

  • Look to other industries for ways to grow. – Jennifer
  • Try to be more agile in your marketing and understand that things may have to change at the last minute. Follow closely what other online retailers are doing, as they are setting consumer expectations as a whole – Laurie, Outshinery
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???? There is importance and power in customer segmentation and personalization, for both consumer experience and winery revenue.

  • “Cookie cutter” doesn’t move the needle. – Laurie
  • We are selling a community-based beverage – Simon
  • Get the right message to the right people. – Remy
  • Everyone agreed: this is key (and natural, actually) for telesales.
???? Bottle your next wine creatively. Consider a spin-off to complement your brand.

  • Create a better value tier that lives under the umbrella of your brand for that stamp of trust. – Laurie
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Thank you to our panelists, listed below.
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connect with them on LinkedIn to keep the conversation going.
Jennifer Warrington

Jennifer Warrington | The Glue,​ WISE Academy
[email protected]

Laurie Millotte

Laurie Millotte | Chief Amazement Officer,​ Outshinery
[email protected]

Remy Sabiani

Remy Sabiani | Owner,​ WinePulse
[email protected]

Simon Solis-Cohen

Simon Solis-Cohen | Founder,​ Highway 29 Creative
[email protected]

Zach Kamphuis

Zach Kamphuis | General Manager, Commerce7
[email protected]


And our moderator, Keltie Maguire | Outshinery
[email protected]

Thank you for joining me and the other panelists and turning a time that could feel isolating into a time of collaboration. I’m here if you want to jam about ideas to help your winery activate the ideas we’ve uncovered together. Email me at [email protected]

With delight,
Laurie and the Outshinery team

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