Written by

Jill Barth


November 17, 2020

A video roundup of solutions that harness the momentum of online shopping and sell more wine

Outshinery’s founder Laurie was invited to share insight that can help you sell more wine online. The “TechTips” conversation was offered by BottleVin and moderated by Ilona Thompson of Palate Exposure.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • The power of imagery for your brand story
  • Why images are not a vitamin but a painkiller
  • Leverage tech to benefit your customers
  • How to deliver a luxury experience, even online
  • Tools and hacks to improve ecommerce now

Panelists include:

Laurie Millotte, Outshinery
Zach Kamphuis, Commerce7
Sarah Citron, Bricoleur Vineyards
Dan Ceresia, The Little Design Group
Paul Salcedo, BottleVin

Watch the replay here.

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