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Watch our most recent event, a special summer edition of “On the Spot”:

How people shop. And how wine fits in.
A conversation with wine industry pros and a vocal outsider.
 With guests Chloe Tyer, Laurie Millotte, and Tyler Yang.

Resource Library

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the state of now in wine industry

Summer On the Spot | July Special Edition

Real talk with wine industry pros.

Get access to the replay of this panel discussion.

The state of NOW in the wine industry.
Identifying silver linings and the powerful shifts they facilitate. With guests:

  • Amber LeBeau
  • Justin Noland
  • Shem Swerkes
On the spot

On The Spot Series

Real talk with wine industry pros.

Get access to an exclusive interview series.

Get on-point perspective to run your business, sell more wine, and be more in tune to what your audience needs in 2020 and beyond. Including:

Playbook Vol. 1

Why lifestyle photography matters for your brand

A guide on how to use in-context imagery in your communications

Did you know the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text? Capitalize on this and use visuals to:

  • Turn heads and captivate potential customers’ attention from the very beginning.
  • Help your audience visualize your products as relevant in their own lives.
  • Use images to influence sales in a big way.
  • Make your messaging stick and boost return on investment exponentially.

Playbook Vol. 2

How equality bottle shots boost e-commerce wines sales

A guide to maximizing the impact of your product imagery

In the digital age, we’re forced to constantly adapt our approach when it comes to selling wine. Here’s are some of the applicable resources you’ll find inside:

  • Tools to use when a staff member isn’t face-to-face with your customer.
  • How to understand the mind of the consumer when they shop online.
  • Tips to make your wine more visible when people browse online.
  • How to encourage online shoppers to move through your sales funnel with beautiful images.

Playbook Vol. 3

A guide to seasonal marketing for family wineries

Data, ideas & action steps for a busy team

Advertising with emotional content is on average 9 times more effective at driving sales than non-emotional advertising. Make this work for your brand:

  • How to use campaigns to break up your marketing activities into manageable actions.
  • Tips to reach your audience with the right message at the right time.
  • Advice on how to plan ahead and get organized.
  • How to prepare your assets and execute your plan.

Playbook Vol. 4

Direct to consumer beer is (finally!) here

A guide to making the most of online sales for craft breweries in North America.

This playbook is designed to help you make the most of your online sales. Check out the profit margin breakdown on page 5 — and make it happen for your brand:

  • How to use visual content to affect confidence in online purchases.
  • Tips to increase clicks and make your product stand out in online storefronts.
  • Advice on how digital marketing to understand the path to making a purchase.
  • Suggested channels you should focus on to promote your beer online.
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