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Jill Barth


March 5, 2021

Innovative ways to show off your wine as the perfect food pair. Choose from tempting dishes with recipes to match.

Food and wine. They go together.  

In fact, “food and drink” is the most popular category on Pinterest among men and women. In other words: everyone wants more of these things, and they want them together.

Yet how many times are you able to actually show off your wine’s pairing ability to customers? Unless you have a menu in your tasting room (and people are actually visiting your winery) this association is lost—there is no sensual connection between your wine and the food with which it’s meant to be served.











































We can taste with our eyes.

Look at the images above. Glance at the flank steak. If you are are winery pro, you probably thought of red wine almost immediately. 

This is exactly what you want your customers to think. But guess what? Many of them (more than you think) don’t know how to pair food and wine. Some people lack the confidence, others just don’t have a frame of reference, other people just don’t want to mess with it. But you need your customers to think of your wine as a part of their homelife, on their table, enjoyed while cooking and eating.

An article in Scientific American gets into this: “Although sight is not technically part of taste, it certainly influences perception. Interestingly, food and drink are identified predominantly by the senses of smell and sight, not taste. Food can be identified by sight alone—we don’t have to eat a strawberry to know it is a strawberry. The same goes for smell, in many cases.”

You can also choose from a collection of foodie images that feature your bottle with something delicious, no recipe needed. Think charcuterie, salted popcorn or cheese. 

These are unlike anything you’ve seen before. These were born from a thoughtful session with a food photographer and stylist, created with wine pairing as the motivation. Purely professional so beautiful one of our team members likened them to a Renaissance painting.

Everyone wants a glass of wine that sings with what’s on their plate.

So we called in the experts. Our creative director Karen worked with the talented team at EAT Creative to put together an exclusive line of recipes and food images just for wineries to pair with specific wine styles.

“Danielle Acken, who’s an award-winning photographer, has a keen eye for capturing the perfect composition. While Emily Lycopolus, an olive oil sommelier and best selling cookbook author, helped us develop unique recipes and food pairings,” says Karen. “With their extensive portfolio in the food industry and unique photography styles, it’s a no brainer for Outshinery to team up with them for this particular project.”

With wine in mind, we’ve crafted a set of recipes. These are presented to your audience with a gorgeous photos of the dish along with your bottle of wine, details about your winery, and your winery logo. There is a range of options so you’ll find something for every type of wine you make, from full-bodied reds to dry sparkling to rich whites.

“We wanted to create a photo series that speaks to a large audience. We focus on picking recipes that we know would be a crowd-pleaser and visually appealing,” according to Karen. “With the recent food trends in mind, we also include some vegan dishes for healthy crowds. Our goal is to create the most delicious set up to showcase your wine.”

Flawless, atmospheric, beautiful options for your winery

These images bring a new perspective to your wines and an interactive experience for your customers. Plus there is an elegant opportunity to communicate more about your wine with customized details included on the recipe cards. Most of us enjoy our glass with a nice meal, so why not provide your customer with further inspiration to buy your product?

“Visiting the winery nowadays could be limiting, and this recipe card would bring some of the wine and dine tasting experience right to your customer’s front door or inbox,” says Karen.

The food pairing options (these are images without a recipe) are designed for simplified inspiration. We curated snack concepts that people can quickly assemble or purchase at any grocery stores, and elevate their drinking experiences at home. Imagine your wine in this atmosphere!

“We design the recipe cards to celebrate the featured wine as much as the food. Each image is the perfect pack,” Karen offers. “All of the photos are a perfect backdrop to showcase your wine on social media, print material, or anywhere else you show off your bottles.”

The recipes are all a labor of love, crafted by a team who is passionate about wine and food. This is just the beginning of the recipe collection and there are more to come!

Elegant Night Out Collection

Scenes depicting a night out with an elegant and refined mood, dining and drinking with friends or on a date.

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