Written by

Laurie Millotte


April 1, 2020

You may be separated physically from your customers now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want your wine.

In fact, wine sales in some segments are up, particularly online*. It’s the perfect time to promote home delivery and wine club options from your winery.

Demo Lifestyle Images from the “wine from home” collection

Highlight people enjoying door-to-door delivery of bottles to satisfy days and evenings at home. You will also find the perfect WFH (work from home or wine from home?) scenes for people on their screens now more than ever. Also available: incredibly soothing tablescapes and domestic scenes to increase the cozy factor of your wines. And as a bonus, you’ll also find Spring delights to announce the new season.

Feature your bottles in these backdrops with flawless results, better than anything else available. No physical samples are needed, and the process is all online, backed by a friendly team of artists and professionals. Best of all, get ready-to-go visuals in as little as 48 hours.


  • These Lifestyle Images can feature any bottle shape (we match yours perfectly, even custom details and finishes). 
  • They can accommodate “single bottle” or “multiple bottles” setups. (Demo bottles shown are simply suggestions, so you can get a sense of what the final result looks like.)
  • And NEW: Some options can accommodate shippers, can be six- or twelve-packs. 
  • In other words, what you see is a model, but you can make it your own, to suit your needs NOW.

































































































These images are ideal to:

  • Promote your virtual tasting
  • Remind customers to buy wine online
  • Announce free or reduced shipping 
  • Suggest your wine as gifts for isolated friends
  • Accelerate your brand’s digital transformation
  • Get your brand in front of new customers fast 

Things to keep in mind: Images are available in a limited quantity, to prevent overlap among neighbors. Secure yours now to get exactly what you want. 

Times are strange… and Outshinery understands you’ll be needing an on-going flexible source for imagery as we all navigate the next weeks. Because of this, we’ll roll out new visuals weekly as we work with our photographers for additional timely Lifestyle Images.

Just getting started with Outshinery?

Here are a few things to know, new friend:

As you can see, Lifestyle Images place your wine into timely, appealing, contextual scenes. 

First, you’ll need a Bottle Shot, which is used to place the “star” bottle into the Lifestyle Image. But it is so much more. A Bottle Shot can be used for ecommerce, marketing materials, shelf talkers or anywhere you need visuals to sell your wine. 

Want to learn more? Check out our Playbook here: How quality bottle shots boost ecommerce wine sales

We have smart, painless, and convenient plans for all budgets. Check out our pricing page for options.

You can even try it for free and see the magic for yourself!

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This new selection of pairing recipes tempts with decadent dishes for winter holidays. Crafted to pair with your wine, depicted gorgeously by professional food stylists and photographers.

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