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At first sight…

Selling wine online isn’t all that different from online dating. Your image is your first impression. What seems like a simple Bottle Shot is actually a decision-making magnet, exactly like a profile picture.

Dating website OkCupid offered a report on the influence of profile pictures versus written text. The bottom line was this: the image drives 90% of perception. This is because people are visual creatures (and when we say creatures, we mean that in the kindest way)!

…not just for love.

Look amazing…

Just like that perfect pout in a profile pic, the perfect Bottle Shot will get people to linger longer and hopefully decide: yep, that’s a wine I want to buy.

Also as in online dating, there is little room for error. People move with speed, rejecting what doesn’t win them over immediately. And it’s a cluttered market: lots of wine to choose from, lots of bottles that don’t speak for themselves.

…and be precise

A team of neuroscientists from MIT recently discovered that the human brain can process images that the eye has only seen for as little as 13 milliseconds. This means that you could lose customers fast, if the images you offer aren’t pleasing. 

Wine bottle photography with glare, reflections, outdated vintages, or weird lighting is like posting your profile image just after eating Oreos or with a mud mask on your face—it’s a bad idea and it won’t earn those clicks.

Instead, get professional wine photography—Bottle Shots, Lifestyle Images, Product Videos, and more—all online, on your budget and schedule. Being irresistible is not out of reach. In fact, it’s only a swipe away. Check it out.

We have something perfect in mind for you. We know. You aren’t into setups, but there is nothing blind about this date. Get a load of these heartthrobs, just what you need:

Tell a romantic story.

Suggest the perfect pair.

Look good online.

Show a little sexy.

Make it a group thing.

Show your fun side.

And you don’t have to take our word for it. Lots of happy customers have fallen in love with Outshinery images.

Joe Borreson

Holy Smokes! I am thoroughly and utterly impressed. I have no idea how you guys do this so incredibly well. The bottle shape, the deboss, texture and wax dipping are spot on.

Epixs – Wine Labels Design

Wow!!! That is really awesome. I want to say big thank you – we’ll sure use them all. I am big fan of closeups and I love to do them myself for each new wine I design. You really nailed it!

Jason Moore

Jason Moore

Dude… these are the best bottle shots I’ve ever had in history of my winery. I’m sold. I’m in for the full package. And lets move forward on some video action. Whats next?

Christina Guglielmo-Maggetti

I absolutely love it!!!! Of all your shots, this is the one that kept coming back to my mind when I saw the options available. Thank you so much for creating it for us.

Rob Hammersley

Rob – Black Market Wine Co.

I’m going to upgrade to the annual subscription… you’ve got us addicted now so we might as well line ourselves up for all our new bottle shots we’ll need this year! I’ll go online and order now.

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All about time together. People in love, weekends away, romantic scenes.

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