Written by

Jill Barth


March 3, 2022

Advice for wine brands entering the US market from Outshinery’s founder

Check out Episode 796 of Italian Wine Podcast as host Steve Raye interviews Outshinery’s founder Laurie Millotte in this installment of the Get US Market Ready With Italian Wine People series.

Learn about:

  • What wineries are missing with “passable” visual assets
  • How to get industry-standard images for wineries
  • What the US market expects when it comes to visuals
  • Trying Outshnery for free

Upcoming Client Workshop: Podcasting for the wine industry

If you are already an Outshinery client, you’ll want to save your seat for the next Workshop that is all about podcasting for the wine industry.

In 2022, 51% of people listened to at least one podcast and 80 million Americans are weekly podcast listeners. It’s time for the wine industry—and your brand in particular—to take advantage of all those ears.

Join our expert panel for an Outshinery client-only workshop that will guide you through this topic and empower you to take growth action within this medium.

Learn how to demystify the untapped potential of podcasting for the wine industry. When consumers can’t taste your product, use the powerful audibility of podcasting to reach them in meaningful ways. In this session you’ll get actionable tips from some of the wine world’s most talented podcasters, including Steve Raye, Bevology Inc. and Italian Wine Podcast and Katherine Cole, wine writer and creator of The Four Top podcast. You’ll walk away with:

  1. Tools and tips for starting your own podcast
  2. Strategies to be a guest on well-known podcasts
  3. An understanding of ad placement in podcasts

Timeless Recipe Collection

“Food and drink” is a popular search category. Get recipes for YOUR wine and take advantage of the inexhaustible appeal.

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