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Jill Barth


August 31, 2020

A guide for wineries + free sticker downloads

Wineries and wine brands around the world are enjoying the creative sparkle of Instagram Stories and their feature Stickers. These are easy-to-use animated graphics that add energy and personality to images and videos you share. They are perfect to draw attention to your calls to action (CTA) and to encourage links and signups.

They also stir interaction, which is what makes them so powerful. And with 500 million people using Instagram Stories every day, this method of communication becomes a top priority for any brand, including yours

How to use Instagram Stories Stickers

  • From your story, tap to add stickers from a range of available collections. 
  • Pin stickers to a spot on your story.
  • Use two fingers to pinch and zoom to resize.
  • Delete by tossing it into the trashcan icon on the bottom of the screen.

62% of people report that they’ve gotten interested in a brand after learning about it on Instagram Stories. Accelerate the appeal with stickers that engage your audience. Some of the most interactive sticker options include:

    • Animated GIF stickers add personality and movement to your stories.
    • Donation stickers to encourage people to support a favorite non-profit.
    • Quiz stickers with multiple-choice answers about your products or region.
    • Countdown stickers that build anticipation for a big event. (Includes the option for reminder notifications for followers!)
    • A sticker that allows people to ask you questions.
    • Poll stickers get opinions from your followers.
    • Time stickers provide context to your story with a time reference.
    • Location stickers allow people to tap your story and see the page for your location.
    • Hashtag stickers. Because we all know the power of hashtags!
Need guidance on how, where, and when to use Instagram Stories. Get our free guide here.

How stickers can work for wineries

We’ve seen our clients enjoy the fun and engagement that our animated GIF stickers provide. Our creative team has made several animated sticker “packs” exclusively for the Outshinery tribe and you can also get totally customized stickers for your winery. These add eye-catching movement to make your Stories more dynamic.

Or grab the free sticker packs available with a click:

How to use Outshinery’s exclusive sticker packs:

  1. Simply download the sticker pack to your smartphone. They’ll be saved to your photo album.
  2. Open Instagram and take or upload a photo/video to Instagram Stories.
  3. Before publishing your IG Story, go to your photo album and find the sticker you want to add to your story.
  4. Click the icon in the bottom left corner (it’ll bring up a menu of options) and click “Copy Photo”.
  5. Go back to your Instagram story and an “Add Sticker” button should pop up. Click to add to your story and reposition to your liking. If the “Add Sticker” button didn’t pop up, click the text button in your IG stories instead. Double-tap and “paste” the sticker. 
Still unsure? Check out our quick video demo here.


“At the Winery”

New Lifestyle Image collection

A versatile collection depicting a visit to the winery and tasting room.

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