Written by

Jill Barth


December 14, 2020

Check out creative wine marketing examples and get ideas for your brand.

“We have to take the experience on the road, and we need ideas.” 

— Silicon Valley Bank State of the Wine Industry Report 2020

If there’s one lesson we’ve learned in 2020, it’s that the wine industry can’t rely on tasting room sales. And this was actually true pre-pandemic, with even greater stakes as we look towards 2021.

Incredible ideas

But there is massive creativity in our cohort, tons of great ideas from wineries across the world. We were wowed by Sfriso Winery’s 6000 project, which engaged artists around the world to design labels for their signature Prosecco. 

When the original order was cancelled due to the pandemic, the founders of this family winery reshaped the situation and called on fans and friends to help with a solution. Check out the incredible results here, featuring Outshinery images.

And so much more

And this is just one example of genius ideas. Did you know that the image files you get from Outshinery can be translated for nearly every need?

Sure, they work wonders on ecommerce platforms and social media. But they can also be transformed into a display for the back of a bus, a giant electronic billboard, or featured in a magazine. All of these things are happening now, implemented by Outshinery clients like you.

Tell us your story

Are you doing something creative with your Outshinery images? We want to see them. Tell us about your project and you could be featured on the SPOTLIGHT blog and Outshinery’s social media. We love our clients!

The coziest meals yet!

This new selection of pairing recipes tempts with decadent dishes for winter holidays. Crafted to pair with your wine, depicted gorgeously by professional food stylists and photographers.

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