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Laurie Millotte


October 28, 2019

A list of marketing plans to put your bottles under the tree this year.

It can be intimidating to find the right gift for a wine lover, even if you work in the wine industry.

“Now, imagine how your next door neighbor, your aunt, and your recently-of-drinking age nephew feel?”

It’s hard to know what the recipient will like and even more challenging to add a meaningful touch to the idea of a bottle of wine. The holidays are the time of year when shoppers make an educated guess about what their loved ones might consider tasty or desirable.

Nevertheless, you want people to consider your product THE gift of the season. For anyone and everyone. Help them out by artfully promoting curated options from your portfolio.

Keep it simple by stealing these themes and visual hints to guide your tribe through their full gifting list.


Your reserve or premium tiers are the ace in the hole for impressing any recipient.

Best for: top clients, bosses, in-laws, romantic interests…

“Blue tree” Lifestyle Image for Kita Vineyards


The height of elegance and taste, dessert and port-style wines are draped in the essence of special occasions.

Best for: friends (especially if they share), host gifts, parents, siblings…

“Dreamland” Lifestyle Image for King Family Winery

On point.

Our sources tell us that wine shoppers are searching out wine gifts for the holiday season. Offer a direct-to-gift-receiver solution so people can shop and ship right from your website. Be sure to provide a customized message option.

Best for: clients, neighbors, Millennials, childhood and college friends…

“Gift at the door” Lifestyle Image for Kita Vineyards


A new year is coming! Celebrations abound! This is the ultimate time for the bubbly to flow. Double down: promote these wines as gifts and entertaining absolute must-haves. Bottles to keep, bottles to give.

Best for: host gifts, coworkers, neighbors, best friends…

“Better to give” demo Lifestyle Image

Go pro.

How cool would it be to have a customer order several cases to use as corporate gifts? Make it crystal clear that you have the ideal bottles. Let them choose three from various price ranges, to make budgets happy.

Best for: clients, employees, vendors, partners…

“For everyone on the list” demo Lifestyle Image. Replace with any of your bottles!

Box it.

Any wine appears elevated when presented in a stunning gift box. Outshinery has visuals to make this suggestion come alive.

Best for: coworkers, bosses, nannies, spouses…

“Planting the Christmas seed” Lifestyle Image for Ghost Block Vineyard

Mix it.

 There are, in fact, some lovely holiday cocktails based on wine. Position one of your red wine bottles as a treat for Glögg or your bubbly as part of a killer rosemary pomegranate spritzer.

Best for: romantic interests, aunts and uncles, siblings, parents…

“Study in black” Lifestyle Image for Bricoleur Vineyards

Move it.

Let’s be honest. There is probably a release or two that you’d like to move from your stock. Perhaps there’s a lot of it, or you need to free up space for the next vintage. In this case, you choose what you want to sell and highlight it.

Best for: wild card, teachers, last-minute presents, hairdressers and the like…

“Fairy lights” Lifestyle Image for Kita Vineyards

Easier than shopping online, browse our Ivy & Sparkles Lifestyle Image collection to see many more holiday visuals. 

Curious what your product would look like in these scapes?

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