Written by

Laurie Millotte


April 22, 2020

Don’t depend on your bottling date to build excitement and encourage sales for upcoming releases! 5 steps you can take today to be ready for the uncharted times ahead.

There are many things we can’t control. While much is uncertain nowadays, there are some tasks that can be executed today that will benefit your winery or brand in the long term. One of those is marketing and customer engagement. 

Now more than ever your audience is looking at a screen (or two, or three) for information, entertainment, and shopping. You probably have taken this into consideration already and rolled out live videos, virtual tastings, social media ad campaigns, or other new ways to shrink the physical distance with technology.

These efforts shouldn’t be limited to the products that you’ve got in stock now. What if you could get ahead by marketing wine that hasn’t yet been bottled and build interest early for an upcoming release?

Get your wine online

With the technology available to you through Outshinery, all you need is the label artwork (what you have on hand for your printer) to generate an ecommerce-ready Bottle Shot in as little as 48 hours. This is a game-changer when it comes to selling DtC because your audience can see, with exact detail, a flawless representation of your product. 

This means, no missing photos, all vintages are up to date, and your storefront is consistent across your entire portfolio. In turn, you build consumer trust and increase your average DtC order.

Be ready for anything

With speedy turnaround time and no need to send physical bottles, your winery has access to visuals that can be used not only in your much visited online store, but also in newsletters, tasting room materials (for when consumers come flooding back), print marketing and more.

Provide your distributor with bottle shots early, so they can design shelf-talkers, tech sheets, and other sales materials that make you stand out from the crowd.

Stay timely and relevant

Bottle shots become multi-dimensional and immediate sales tools when they are used in association with lifestyle images. Go beyond a typical product photo on a white background to something more evocative and enticing.

For example, depict your bottle as a part of a front door delivery to promote your free shipping deal, or next to a computer to suggest your upcoming virtual tasting. If you know your wine will be ready soon, now is the time to let customers know.

Consider multi-vintage planning

If your bottle shot library is incomplete, now is the time to create images for those that are missing from your product portfolio, or to update visuals for upcoming vintages. If you know a 2019 label is coming up, for example, but the wine is still in the barrel, ready yourself in advance and get your photos updated to the right vintages.

Leapfrog the busy seasons

Strategize by knocking out marketing plans for the harvest season or winter holidays by creating your imagery and calendar before the rush. Think about which wines you’ll have bottled during the latter half of the year, and get prepared now. 

Take charge of timing and avoid a pile-up (and the associated stress) during busy business segments. By prepping a press release or member communication in advance of the rollout, you free up time for more time-sensitive tasks that are sure to crop up later on.

While there are still a lot of uncertainties in the times ahead, Outshinery is uniquely positioned to empower wineries like yours to better market themselves. By sharing only your label files, you can achieve better quality and control when it comes to your brand image and marketing. 

With Outshinery wine photography solution, wineries can plan ahead and market their wines in advance of bottling. Outfit any wine (bottled or not) with flawless corresponding photography. There has never been a better time to get ready for whatever happens next!

Expert Editorial By Outshinery

Supporting wineries from around the world, Outshinery expands what wine communication can be with a level of creativity never before seen in the industry. The need for digital transformation is more evident now than ever before, and we are here to accelerate your brand with visuals.

Get started for free with a complimentary Bottle Shot and Lifestyle Image from Outshinery. All online, in as little as 48 hours, no physical samples needed.*

*For those new to Outshinery only.

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